Buying or Selling a RV Camper? A Concierge Service…

Buying a camper? Help is here!

Camping is LOTS of fun and a great family (or individual) lifestyle – whether as a weekend warrior or as a full time traveler, but lets face it, the process of selecting and buying a camper has many potential pitfalls.

In an industry where MOST RV campers (trailers and motorhomes) are built to very low standards and many dealers resort to actions that are designed to simply extract more of your hard earned money from you there has to be a better way!

RV Across America(.net) Concierge RV Buying (and selling) Service

Allow me to introduce you to our Concierge RV Buying (and Selling) Service. Looking to buy a camper (trailer or motorhome) but you’re not sure which brands (manufacturers) are best to go with, what length is optimal for your use, and the relative attributes of various floor plans?

RV Buying Help is here…

We’re here to help you with the process by becoming your “guide by your side” and when it comes to identifying “the one” that meets your needs (and budget), we’re here to act as your negotiator and more!

Simply put, with our RV Buying Service we will assist you at all stages of the purchase – including navigating the myriad of fees some dealers try to charge and… advising you on what offers the dealer may present at your closing that you should consider or reject outright – and what these offers should cost. (Be sure to check our reviews at the end of this post.)

During our initial conversation, we will discuss your wants, needs and budget, along with the geographic reach of our search for your new (or used) camper. We will have a frank discussion about which campers (brands) are well made and which are worth avoiding with no bias of having inventory on one particular lot that’s “gotta go.” You see, when it comes to finding the RIGHT camper for you, we’re not limited to any one dealer and the campers on their lot – our search for your ideal camper can be nationwide if you like! We’re also going to have a talk about “new” vs. “used” campers and which path may be best for you.

When it comes to camping and RV campers – we have experience

Alan, the developer of our RV Buying Service has been a full time traveler since December 2011 and has been active in RV Consulting and Sales for the past 5 years now. He knows which campers are worth your hard earned money – and which are not AND what you should be paying for it – whether new or used.

outdoors rv glacier peak F30RLS
Alan has been living and traveling full time for 9+ year now!

To learn more about the camper Alan selected for himself AND what he looked at in its design and engineering that matters – click HERE. To gain a sense of who Alan is and his depth of knowledge and experience, please review the posts right here on RV Across

Through our RV Buying Service, we WILL negotiate the BEST deal for you on the camper YOU want.

We will contact the seller (whether it’s a dealer OR private individual) on your behalf and simply put, get you the BEST possible deal. We will also advise you on after-market options – you know, the ones you’re hit with in the dealers finance office. Some are worth considering, some are not. We can also provide advice on obtaining a RV loan and what a good loan looks like.

Our Concierge Buying (and Selling) Service can literally save you thousands.

Quoting Alan “Effectively, what I do is become your advisor and your advocate. Unlike an rv salesman, I do not have any inventory staring at me outside my office – so when we talk, I help you identify the right camper for YOUR needs – and in doing so, avoid all the absolute JUNK made in this industry (especially in the towable world.)

Then, I go to work for you, locate the camper, and then negotiate for you. I’m a good negotiator – I know what these things can sell for AND I’m not emotionally invested in the purchase. So… in that sense, I keep YOU in check! (and save you $ in the process.)
“I’ve been in the industry, so, i bring my experience to the table.”

Concierge RV Buying Service Fee…

Our fee? Its simple – $600. one time fee and we become your consultant, ‘guide by your side’, and negotiator through the entire buying process! Interested? Contact us at or text us at 307 269 2546 and we will call you back.

Selling a Camper?

Lastly, if you have a camper and want to sell it, don’t trade it in and lose big time on a dealer’s offer. (They often “hide” what they’re really giving you for your trade!) We will get you far more by selling it privately.)

Here’s how it works – you supply us photos of your camper, we will have a frank discussion to set a realistic price for your camper and then we will proceed to post effectively worded and structured ads for you to get it sold – LOCALLY.

The prospective buyers initial contact will come to us. We will answer the prospective buyers questions and screen them to insure they’re serious AND qualified. For those who are, we will pass them onto you to let them see the camper. When it comes to negotiation, we’re there to assist right up to the point where the buyer is handing you cash! Our fee for selling your camper is a one time $650. fee.

A special offer if you’re SELLING then BUYING…

If you’re looking to sell your camper and then buy a new camper, we will handle both transactions for a fee of $1050.

Does our Concierge Buying and Selling service sound fair?

Feel free to contact us at or via text at 307 269 2546.

how to buy or sell a RV camper
Buying (or selling) RV Camper advice here at RV Across America (.net) – Gotta Love the RV’ing lifestyle!

Be sure to check out reviews of our RV Buying Service posted below by our highly satisfied clients…

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  1. I have an Outdoors RV:28 RKS Timberridge. I have been looking at Jayco:White Hawk and Eagle HT series only because of the newer floor plan:opposing slides. I know Outdoors RV has a Titanium model with opposing slides and large wardrobe, but the prices is too high for us. I am thinking that I could save around $20,000. Do you think I am making a mistake? My wife and I spend winters in the southwest (home is Alaska). This year we have missionary projects, so hopefully we can travel through Canada. We have had our vaccines.

    • John,

      Thanks for reaching out. Yes, it would be a massive mistake. Jayco was bought out by Thor after the 2017 models were built and IMMEDIATELY everything went downhill – big time. Jayco after 2017 is no longer on my recommended trailer list. I’d sooner see you with a grand design, and they too don’t hold a candle to ORV (or Arctic Fox.) Please feel free to call me to discuss this further (307 269 2546 – Mountain time) as I do have thoughts as to how you can get out of your timber ridge and into another ORV or Arctic Fox – likely for less than you’re thinking.

      Alan Sills

  2. Alan did an excellent job for me, handling every aspect of an interstate RV purchase from a private seller. From negotiating a great price to arranging transport, Alan made every step of the process stress free.
    If like me, you find the process of finding and purchasing an RV daunting, I highly recommend taking advantage of Alan’s services.

  3. Alan,
    Have you checked into the new RV company Alliance? They claim to have fifth wheels that are fit for full time living.
    From what I’ve researched, they seem to have excellent customer service and to me they seem well built but I’m no expert. Would love to hear you opinion on them.

    • Terry,

      Yes, I’ve investigated Alliance. Please understand I WANT to like Alliance as they’re one of the FEW independent 5th wheel manufacturers around. At this time, I’m still VERY hesitant regarding Alliance. Poor quality tires, no protection above the tires, no shocks, excessive exposed plumbing, and serious sidewall cracking due to poorly supported slides are the issues I’ve identified thus far. Frankly, if I had to buy a 5er today, I’d limit my choices to Arctic Fox, Outdoors RV, and Vanleigh (and they were just acquired by Thor so I don’t know how much longer I’m going to recommend them.) If I can be of assistance, with your interest in a 5er, let me know.

      Alan Sills
      307 269 2546

  4. We’re yet another set of highly satisfied newbie* customers – we just bought a 2017 Jayco 26XD – with only 10,000 miles on it. We got it at a great price in OH (3 hr drive for us) – all during a “sellers market”.

    * if we trade up in the future I’m sure we’ll use Alan’s service again. Sure, we’ll know more by then – but we still won’t know as much. This isn’t just a service for newbies.

    Some highlights of how Alan helped:

    1) Matching our needs. I started with a specific need – to transport a car to the race track. But, of course, we also want it for traveling and exploring. Alan was great in answering questions on (small) Class As, Class Cs and 5th Wheel Toy Haulers. With the toy hauler the advice even extended to the tow vehicle as well. There was never any pressure to get on to the next stage. Nor was there ever any feeling of being lead to a particular decision. When we decided on a Class C the hunt was on!

    2) Searching for something to buy. There are so many brands with many of them owned by larger manufacturers. Alan’s advice on quality really helped. We quickly narrowed down the field to search amongst a few quality manufacturers. It’s really easy for me to get swayed by price and availability – having Alan tell us to not even consider certain brands (or even model years within a brand) was vital. Remember – they all look as good as each other when they leave the factory. In fact some of the lower quality models might even have more “bling” and look better. But, the quality of the construction is hidden away.

    3) The buying process & negotiations. The joke in our house is if I (John) negotiate we’ll end up paying more (hey! I have other skills). Having someone both knowledgeable and who knows when to walk away is essential. Alan negotiated the price down further than I expected – and that alone more than covered his fee. He also set the expectations that the sale wasn’t done until the inspection was completed to our satisfaction. He interviewed the seller and there were no red flags. He gave us great guidance of what to check AND what to look for AND how to check. (And to be fair, the private seller was also very helpful and transparent).

    4) Before and after the sale Alan was responsive and helpful. He provides not only the really helpful links to the list of stuff to buy on this blog – he also provided additional useful resources and tips.

    I don’t know about you – but this is the biggest purchase we’ve ever made (after the house). The investment in expert and truly independent advice is more than worth it.

    John & Laurie
    MI 2021

  5. Alan’s services are a must for the first time RV purchaser. The RV market is vast and confusing. I just made my first purchase of a travel trailer with Alan’s help and advise. Alan’s services are definitely worth the money by avoiding rookie mistakes. Where Alan’s services helped me:
    1. Finding the right size and kind of trailer for my specific needs. 2. Being sure my pickup will pull the Trailer. 3. Check with dealers and negotiate the price. 4. Tips for dealing with the dealer and financing (decline the add-ons they want to sell you). 5. What Accessories you need to get going and the right brands. Alan is super accessible and very responsive. I am amazed at his knowledge of the industry and travel trailers. Give Alan a call you will not regret it.

  6. Alan,
    I seriously don’t know how we could have done this without you. Your knowledge and support through this adventure was invaluable and appreciated more than you know.

    To the newbies (like us), having Alan on your side is the best thing you can do for yourself. Do not go it alone, he knows what he’s doing, and he’s always looking out for YOU! Be ready, because he can find you the perfect RV for you in no time! We reached out less than a month ago, and we have just taken delivery of our new to us “home”.

    Thanks so much for your help. Hope to see you at some point in our adventures! In the meantime safe travels, and as you so often say ” Be good”.

  7. Alan is the real deal! We were extremely pleased with the work that he did to find us a new motorhome and so very quickly! We were not sure with this tight market how long it would take to find our ideal motorhome. We are new to RVing and did not know what manufacturers to look at and which ones to avoid. He guided us through the process of the various models and features to consider to meet our needs and wants. After talking with Alan, we narrowed it down to a few models and then he did his magic! Within hours he located the perfect motorhome for us and it was also in the state in which we live. He negotiated the price with the dealer, kept us informed along the way and sealed the deal. All we had to do was contact the dealer and arrange for the purchase. Easy peasy and stress-free!

    Alan is very knowledgeable and he was patient and prompt in answering our many questions. We have talked to friends about his great service and passed along his contact information. We highly recommend Alan if you are looking to purchase a RV.

    Thank you Alan!!

    Tom and Shelby

  8. Al helped me tremendously in selling my RV. He was able to guide and educate me on the positive selling points and possible pitfalls of my particular RV. I have a very hectic and busy lifestyle, His service saved me time and money by screening potential buyers. Thank you again for your invaluable and advice! Sold quickly!

  9. Hi, My wife and I are retiring soon and are looking for a fifth wheel. How much do you charge for your service. Thank you.


  10. I have a question about trading in a RV.

    We bought a airstream in April, 25 foot. Thing’s have changed in our life and we want to upgrade to 30ft. We went to the airstream and negotiated a trade-in price. But now he found out that we could sell it on are own and actually make money. The Dealer told us we cannot do that. Is this true

    • Joyann,

      I would need some details to specifically answer your question, but allow me to answer you this way – whether you purchased a new or used airstream (in april), now 6 months later (or really at any time) you will do FAR better selling your airstream privately (which IS something I can do for you via my Concierge RV Service ( than by trading it in.

      When you trade a camper to a dealer, THEIR goal is to buy at (or BELOW) wholesale and then resell at RETAIL, so they absolutely will pay you as little as possible for your camper. They often hide the real value they’re placing on your camper by “working a deal” where they simply give you a difference for the tradeup OR they inflate the value of your camper (on paper) and then offer you theirs (the new one) for a higher price than you could negotiate otherwise.

      The difference between what they offer you vs. what you can get when you sell it privately is AT LEAST several thousand dollars (again I don’t have any specifics in your case) and possibly TENS of thousands of dollars. With more info I can pinpoint numbers for you. And yes, in this current environment, its possible you could actually make a profit. I recently had a client make about $3000. over his purchase price when he needed to sell his camper shortly after purchasing it.

      If you become I client of mine, I would also like to challenge you on whether you want to replace your 25 ft airstream with a 30 ft airstream. I say this because I firmly believe there are BETTER campers available (than airstream) for LESS than the cost of an airstream – but – that contention extends beyond the scope of your original question.

      Please DO feel free to call me – 307 269 2546 – now in Central time for the next few months!

      Alan Sills

  11. Alan provided incredible peace of mind, expert opinion, and set my expectations negotiating the purchase of a 2016 Snow River recently.
    My experience buying boats, and using a Marine Surveyor, led me to believe big ticket recreation items (like RVs, travel trailers, etc) would follow a similar process.
    Not so! The dealer we purchased from, 2,436 miles from home on the east coast, said they had NEVER dealt with a broker before. I was shocked! Alan provided MORE than his cost is value, potential savings and educating me on the pitfalls.
    EXCELLENT service, communication and expertise. That’s what I paid for and that’s what I got. I HIGHLY recommend Alan’s services as a buyer.


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