Heating Your RV in the Winter – A Novel (and economical) Solution

A few weeks back I was contacted by a gentleman who clearly has a heart for his fellow RV’ers. His name is Hank and he is clearly a very capable gentleman. He wanted to speak with me about heating your RV in the winter.

During the course of our discussions, Hank caused me to realize that while many RV’ers are in RV’s because they love the lifestyle, some have been “downsized” to existing in an RV due to limited financial resources. As one who is very “in tune” with the economy, I have little difficulty believing this to be the truth.

Of course, regardless of your financial circumstances, who doesn’t love to save money? And… since heating an RV in the winter, something one must do to one degree or another through much of the nation is literally burning money!

Save on Propane?! (forever)

For most, propane is the primary choice for heating – especially when it gets below freezing and the forced-air heating in most RV’s is the only way to keep the plumbing (tanks primarily) from freezing – and the subsequent costly repairs should that occur. Last winter, with severe weather across much of the nation, propane costs spiked and became literally prohibitive to some RV’ers.

As you watch this video, Hank’s invention literally changes all that…

Neat idea, eh? Consider the fact that building this is a “one time fee” (Hank told me it costs about $700. to build it) and could save far more than its initial cost over a  few years use. Last season, I know I burned about $500. worth of propane.

Hank’s goal is NOT to manufacture or sell this device. He offers the information freely and hopes others benefit from learning about it. He IS available should you wish to contact him, his email is hank0879@netzero.net

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heat your RV in the winter
A view from the outside of Hank’s stove. He has even used pine cones to burn in it to heat his RV!

Heating Your RV in the Winter Images <— Click to download a “zip” file (about 3mb) containing several “PDF” documents with images of Hank’s RV Winter Heating solution.

What do you REALLY need for your RV?

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In closing, if you found this information regarding heating your rv in the winter useful or interesting, please DO leave a comment below!

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8 thoughts on “Heating Your RV in the Winter – A Novel (and economical) Solution”

    • Mario,

      Thanks for the input. Remember – the key to heating your camper in cold weather is to heat the underbelly. Al

  1. As an Architect I think the barbequer/ oven is a great idea. I doubt The masonry will not survive road bumps. I would like to see research for using a convential wood stove as the burner ( which can’t use coal cause of high fire box temps).

    • Conventional wood stoves have been tried in campers – and I’ve met some folks who use them. The problem is 1) it requires drilling a hole to vent the flu 2) they take up space & you need wood which takes up space 3) they make a mess. Al

  2. It is absolutely crucial to have heating in a van. Things can get bad real quick. If you’re in a van in winter, you MUST have a generator and an electric heater. It’s not negotiable.

  3. The idea of alternate and/or multiple methods of heating was going to be my next project (my present ongoing ‘electrical energy ‘ project going slower than planned)and I’m excited to have come across this -Heating your RV in the winter- information.


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