Full Time RV’ers in South Dakota are AT RISK of LOSING their RESIDENCY…

Just learned this TODAY (2/5/23) – full time RV’ers WILL lose their South Daktoa residency and/or their ability to vote if these two bills make it out of committee and get an up vote in one of the MOST RV friendly states. The bills are being presented THIS WEEK –

Speaking for myself, I’ve been a SD resident for 11+ years. I’ve been quite satisfied paying sales tax, registration fees and more to South Dakota while spending very little time there and using few resources available to SD residents.

Weird Sites in South Dakota!

Now two bills – House Bill 1232 and Senate Bill 124 are in committee and could change that for myself and the hundreds of thousands of full time rv’ers who claim SD as their residency.

Here is a video courtesy of campgroundreviews.com and rvtravel.com that explains what is going on…

From RVtravel.com’s article – “If you are concerned, and want to make your voice heard, you can contact the sponsors of these bills. Representative Karla Lems can be emailed at Karla.Lems@sdlegislature.gov, or call her office at 605-773-3851. Senator Julie Frye-Mueller’s email address is Julie.FryeMueller@sdlegislature.gov, and her office phone is 605-773-3821.”

I’m Alan with RVAcrossAmerica.net and I’m asking you if you’re an RV’er, a SD resident and currently full time or may full time in the future, CALL these reps after watching the above video to know what’s in each bill and let your voice be heard!!


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