Eastern Idaho – Western Wyoming – Remote, Wild, Accessible…

Remote is clearly a KEY descriptor of this amazing region! From the moment I left Soda Springs, Idaho, a community of about 3000 souls, I headed north and east towards the Wyoming border. My 60 mile (or so) journey took me over the Webster Range, which barely rises above the landscape to 7000 ft. The … Read more

Summer was about to end – and then it SNOWED! An inspiring drive to Jackson Wyoming on Sept. 20th

Just as I began to think about preparing for winter – and where I’m going to teach skiing this winter, I encountered SNOW on my way to Jackson on Sept. 20, and with the leaves in full color – it was an INSPIRING drive! I truly hope you enjoy the video highlights of my drive … Read more

The Weather Turns – SE Idaho – and Goldbacks

Aaah, finally! A day with lousy weather. For over a month now the weather has been spectacular – in the 70’s most days and chilly in the morning. Of course, to “keep” the 70’s, I’ve relocated from Pinedale (7200 ft. elevation) to Ririe, Idaho (4700 ft. elevation.) Each day features abundant sunshine, and the best … Read more

RV Travel and Regenerative Medicine – Extending your Travelin’ Life by…

Face it… we all age! And, many of us don’t start RV’ing until we are nearing or in our retirement years. So, realistically, there’s a (relatively brief) “window of time” where you’ll have the time, resources, and good health to live in a camper and engage in RV travel. As I approach 10 years on … Read more