Choosing the RIGHT RV Surge Protector (from personal experience)…

Whether its ski apparel or certain RV accessories, I lean towards buying the best. Why? Functionality, reliability AND how you’re taken care of down the road in the event of a product failure. A surge protector protects your RV’s ENTIRE electrical system. It is IMPORTANT to get a good one! Surge protectors can be purchased … Read more

Personal Safety and the RV Lifestyle

As I share these thoughts, I’ve been “on the road” now for about 42 months living as a “full time rv’er” and traveling across much of our amazing nation. In that time, I have met many RV’ers, fellow travelers who stay for various lengths of time at their chosen destination and then move onto explore … Read more

Preparation isn’t just for “Preppers” any more…

Prepared for an emergency? How about an emergency that lasts several days (or more)? Ever thought about how fast a supermarket can be depleted when people panic?  What follows are some of the things I am PERSONALLY doing – just incase. You may feel the same way – and if so, please feel free to … Read more

Typhoid Mary’s Home – and what we forgot…

Typhoid Mary’s Home Note: I have started adding to this post – look for my update dated 10/22/14 at the end. I WELCOME your feedback after your complete review. The headline above is linked to a NY Times story that reflects our nation – and the common sense it demonstrated in an earlier day. It highlights … Read more

Thunderstorms? Campground electric? YOU need an RV Surge Protector!

It HAD to happen eventually. Yes, “it” – a power surge. And when it did, I was darn glad I had a RV Surge Protector Here is my story… The aftermath? Lets just say – yes there was damage and the RV repair guy in the area was “on call”! When I did my research … Read more


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