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2 thoughts on “Earnings”

  1. It seems that the costs of fuel, equipment maintenance and campground fees (full setups) are not trivial expenses that can be covered by pocket change. Obtaining Class A equipment and paying cash for it is a small fraction of the ongoing cost of maintaining the lifestyle. Are most fulltime RV’ers independently wealthy? What do RV’ers do to earn a living?

    • Robert,

      There’s a reason that most rv’ers are seniors, many of whom have sold their homes, so they have the resources you identify. That said, RV’ing CAN be affordable if you’re smart about it. For example, my average monthly site cost (including propane and electricity) is 800. (or so.) That is significantly less than one pays for rent (even for a small apartment) or on a mortgage (plus real estate taxes and all the other fees associated with owning and maintaining a home.)

      Fuel costs can be controlled – I’m doing it as we speak during this national disaster of 100% increases in fuel prices.

      In terms of work… Some rv’ers are retired (see note earlier), others work ‘on the road’ or earn a living through other means. In my case, I have a Concierge RV Buying and Selling Service (rvacrossamerica.net/buysell) Are you seriously considering entering this lifestyle?



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