Fresh Snow on a Saturday at Discovery Ski Area

Winter RV Life in remote regions has its distinct advantages at times! ‘

First real snowstorm of the season…

This past Saturday (Feb 3), Southwestern Montana awakened to fresh snow! In fact, several inches of medium density “stuff.” Definitely a welcome site for all – skiers and non-skiers alike Snow in this region means more winter recreation AND improved prospects for ample water and moisture when Summer arrives. In other words, winter snows minimize summer forest fires and other water related issues.

Partially Obscured Sun over Gold Bug after the storm

This storm delivered more than a foot of snow at Discovery. Discovery’s base is about 7000 ft. We’ve had a few additional accumulating snows since this “first” storm. It’s difficult to think of early February as a “first” real snow of the season.

The BIG Question: Will fresh powder and a weekend storm bring a horde of skiers?

Snow arrives at Disco!!

As great as fresh snow is, when it occurs at the beginning of a weekend, many ski areas get swarmed with hordes of skiers. As this was my first snowstorm at Disco (Discovery Ski Area), I was unsure of what to expect.

Last winter, I saw first hand what happened all over the Salt Lake Valley (Brighton, Solitude, Alta, Snowbird…) what happened on a “pow day” (even during the week!) – the ski areas got clobbered. Long lines and crowded trails were common. Was this going to happen at or to Disco?

Snowy – AND – UNcrowded trails (Gold Bug – our primary GREEN run from the top of Jubilee)

Even after the first significant snowfall… Disco was NOT over-crowded

Even though we’ve had very little snow prior to this storm and it fell on a Friday night, skiing the next day was NOT crowded. Lift lines were under 5 minutes (often less) and the trails (even with limited terrain open) were not crowded! Be sure to check my video – in the middle, I share a couple of ski runs at Disco. The video was recorded early Saturday afternoon after the storm.’

Riding the Anaconda Chair – reopened after the snowfall allowed skiers on the terrain below

New ski terrain opens

The recent snowfall at Disco enabled their great grooming crew to open new terrain. They also got closer to opening the fabled “back side” of the mountain. Until two days ago (I’m writing this on Feb 9), I had only heard stories about the “back side” of disco. It was an unknown to me. Discovery’s “back side” trail map is HERE.

Even the front side has some steeps!

ANNOUNCING… The Opening of the famed “back side” of Disco!

The storm last weekend and additional minor accumulations since enabled ski patrol to pronounce the “back side” ready to open! On Feb 7, for the first time, I saw what all the “buzz” was about! Allow me to share. The back side of Discovery Ski Area is FAR larger than the “front side.” Further, the terrain is FAR more challenging. Most of the runs are black and double black diamond. I have not yet skied the double black terrain, but from the Granite lift, it is fully visible and I can tell you it is some of the BEST terrain I’ve seen anywhere!

NOW I know what all the buzz was about – and the region is MASSIVE!

Discovery Ski Area’s famed “back side” terrain – lots of steeps, trees, and ungroomed powder! (Click link HERE for a high resolution map.)

I skied yesterday morning off the Granite Chair. The Limelight chair and its double black terrain opened just about as I was calling it a day. I skied mostly black diamond terrain for 3 hours straight after which my legs that NEEDED some rest! Of course, as I write this, today is a rest day for me which necessarily included an hour or so of x-country skiing! Finally, there’s enough snow in town here to do this in the main park called Washoe Park.

I did take the time yesterday to record some video and take some photos – in an upcoming post, I will share that footage of Disco’s famed terrain. Until then, enjoy what’s here and know that more about skiing SW Montana is coming along with some provocative RV related posts – including an “early spring” update on the RV industry.

More about the region – where to stay and eat near Discovery Ski Area

It’s mid-February… Spring is right around the corner

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