RV Life and being independent…OR – How independent are you REALLY in your RV Camper?

It was a cold, early winter evening in southeast Idaho. The outside temperature was about 10oF and was anticipated to fall below zero by dawn – still many hours in the future. It is nights like these where, as an experienced winter RV’er, I know I need to keep the furnace running frequently to ensure … Read more

Electric RV Accessories

50A version  30A version <br /> <right></right> Generator When it comes to generators – I purchased one recently, mostly to ensure my batteries remained strong during a dry camping stay. Frankly, solar panels, while they are GREAT, are of limited use in cloudy weather – and with the recent reduction in the cost (AND WEIGHT) … Read more

Let’s talk Heated Water RV Hoses for Winter Use – A Camco Heated RV Water Hose Review

camco heated rv water hose review

Having a good heated rv water hose is important for MOST RV’ers who are in their camper through much (or part) of the winter. A Camco heated rv water hose review…


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