Extended Service Contracts – Why I would NEVER be caught without one for my RV

You’re looking at my RV refrigerator’s cooling unit. It failed recently. No particular reason – it just failed. Cost? Over $2500. IF I didn’t have an Extended Service Contract. With the contract, $100. out of pocket. About 15 months ago my landing gear failed. The motors wear and frankly are under-powered to begin with. Cost? $620. without an “ESC”, with it, cost was $100.

Needless to say, if you ask me, do you think I’m glad I have a ESC?! That said, not all ESC companies are the same. Most contracts read the same – they cover “components” which include the refrigerator, air-conditioner, hot water heater, landing gear, slide motors, valves, water pumps, and much more. BUT – simply put, some pay the claims while others find ways to dodge claims…so be careful!

Remember – Extended Service Contracts are offered for all types of products from cars to home stereos. In most cases, I simply say “thanks but no thanks” – BUT – when it comes to a RV, think of a “rolling earthquake” as your rv travels down the road and consider all the components installed that can (and will) break and ask yourself – do YOU want to be “on the hook” for those expenses?

I will say this – I work with a company that IS reputable and DOES pay their claims and the prices are VERY fair for what the contract will cost you. Contact me if you want a quote. You can email me at: traveler@rvacrossamerica.net

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16 thoughts on “Extended Service Contracts – Why I would NEVER be caught without one for my RV”

  1. Hi Al. Was reading up on all the things one needs to look at when becoming a a full timer RV living. Just became a new 5thers after 4 pull behind pickup slide in.24′ 28′ 34′ repaired kitchen from ground up from hot water heater freezing and carpenter ants. Wife bought as is.
    We been living in it between looking for house to move into but winter has come early here. Furnace decided to go on the out . just had to get the part after diagnosed problem.
    As a maintenance tech was no problem. But as the big appliances that will cost more to replace would be wearth cost of insurance if you can’t have money set a side to pay out. Repair tech cost are high if your not a jack of all trade and DIY guy.
    So yes I would like to get a quote for ESC.
    Herb Erd.

  2. HI Alan,
    I am interested in the extended service contract you recommend. I have a 2016 Starcraft travel trailer. Can I still qualify for ESC?

    • The company I recommend & personally have a policy with is AGWS. Are you interested in getting a quote for your camper?

  3. do any companies cover roofs in their extended service contract for used units?

    do manufacturer warranties on roofs on rvs transfer to new owner

    • sorry, no and no. extended service contracts generally cover “components” – aka – fridge, water heater, landing gear, slide out motor, furnace… And, when you sell a RV, generally no warranties follow to the new owner.

  4. Thanks for EVERYTHING YOU DO! !!!! On YOUTUBE It’s a Blessing to Cordell Family Rockwell N.C! !!##plantaseed Holla Again Thank you Lord Jesus! ! !


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