Hey, THANKS for reading this! I’m an educator, author, full time RV’er, and all around conversationalist!

I will shovel a fire pit and chat with you about the current economic policy and how it will impact our nation going forward!

I created this page to share a lifestyle I truly enjoy – and some of the things I’ve learned in the past 18 months of travel. Where I recommend products and services – I ONLY recommend those I personally use or have used and find to be of exceptional value. Think of me as part “newsweek”, ” consumer reports” and “promotion”.

If you use a product or service I recommend, I WANT to hear from you! Please feel free to post at the end of any article and let me know what YOU think.

As we speak, I am relaxing after spending the entire winter in Steamboat Springs, Co. and skiing almost 100 days! Now, I am just 25 “clicks” north – at one of the most beautiful spots on Earth – Steamboat Lake, Co. I’m writing this as Memorial Day approaches and I’m looking forward towards an INCREDIBLE summer filled with my first experiences fishing; some great hiking; off-road exploration and more!


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