A (short term?) feeding frenzy in the RV industry

Greetings from Tough Creek Campground. I’ve been here before and enjoy it every time I travel here. My RV travels have taken me from Guernsey, Wy. last week to Casper for a couple of days (good to reconnect with friends and fellow troublemakers) and now Tough Creek Campground – just 10 minutes north of Shoshoni, Wyoming.

The winds this afternoon have been MOST impressive! I’m right up along the water and the wind is blowing at 40-50 mph with gusts to 60 mph! I planned to arrive before the winds got this strong – and I arrived with about 30 minutes to spare! With the landing gear down, the camper is nice and stable and at this time, I’m inside, warm and sharing thoughts with YOU!

My “front yard” at Tough Creek Campground

RV Business Explosion in the month of May

March and April were QUIET – I mean really quiet. Then the calendar turned, and within the first few days of May, across our nation, many folks came out to buy a camper. I personally have a theory as to what types of buyers combined to create this “feeding frenzy” (and I explain it in the video above.)

My Concierge RV Buying and Selling Service has also been quite busy this month. Fortunately, I’m able to serve (so far) all who want me to “do what I do” for them – so if you have the “itch” to buy a camper (of any type) or sell yours – contact me and let’s talk. Right now, as you’d expect, it is very much a sellers market – but again – in my view, it won’t last.

Again, its only my theory, but I do not expect this “feeding frenzy” in the RV sales industry to continue for long. My bet is we’ll see a steep drop off in sales in mid-late Summer, but heck, what do I know?!

Late snow hanging tough on Casper Mountain May 19 – look at how GREEN Casper is!

Staying Healthy – a few thoughts

To be honest, I feel better now than I have in a LONG time! I mentioned in the video above that I plan to release a post soon that details the “supplementation regimen” I’ve been following (and I’ll tell you from whom I got the insights.) Its a combination of immune-boosting, anti-viral, and anti-oxidant supplements (all over the counter.) My goal is to avoid getting into the “severe stage” of the virus should I catch it – and from my personal research, and frankly it just makes sense – the key is to have an optimally functioning immune system so that if and when you’re exposed to “the virus”, your body can most efficiently fight it off. That post will follow this one by a few days. Frankly it’s timing will depend upon how much time I spend kayaking in the reservoir here! At this time it looks like Saturday will be a chilly, rainy day here (snowy on the hills?) so, I may have time to get to it by then.

1.89 for diesel…in Casper, Wy on May 18…really??

I cut my own hair!

Lastly, I’ll tell you about my (own) haircut in the next post… as always, thanks for reading – comments welcome below.

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6 thoughts on “A (short term?) feeding frenzy in the RV industry”

  1. What are your thoughts on buying from a RV dealer that has a lifetime warranty on their units versus a dealer that doesn’t offer it?

    • good question! Rebecca, remember, if a dealer offers it, YOU’RE paying for it! The “lifetime warranty” game comes with a catch – you must get your camper inspected annually – the inspection will cost between 200 – 600 (current figures), no guarantee it won’t increase. Remember – you can always get an extended service contract (which I may be able to offer soon) and a 7 yr. should cost no more than 2500. The “lifetime warranty” is mis-named as its a service contract – only covering certain components – NOT the entire camper bumper to hitch. Lastly, have you had a chance to read about my Concierge RV Buying Service – https://rvacrossamerica.net/buysell


  2. I take it your relying solely on your concierge service, and no RV dealer sales job this season? Myself, I’m fairly comfortable on the RV buying and selling side. But, I really do see where many RV buyers / sellers in the long run could or need your service. The only thing you don’t offer is a inspection service for used units.

    Personally I do run into many future RV buyers, the #1 advice I give them is “don’t trust the sales people at Camping World. Maybe it’s just me, but over the last 15 years, every time I have gone there (mostly with other RV buyers looking to purchase) I find they talk down to you, tell ya everything is best quality made….I test um. “You ever hear of Outdoors RV?” No, “What about Arctic Fox?” You mean Arctic Cub? “No, Arctic Fox”. To be fair, this is the Midwest / East region CW’s.

    • Jim,

      I was offered a position at a dealership, I was planning to go there UNTIL the china virus hit. I’m at elevated risk and its not worth the risk. So, yes, I’m very active with my Concierge RV Buying and Selling Service. Actually having my biggest month ever this month! As to inspections – yes, I can arrange for a local RV tech to inspect a used camper before the deal is completed. As to CW and sales people, its really ANY store – the salesman is limited to the inventory on his lot. I rely upon the the entire inventory available in the entire nation with the only limit being how far my client is willing to travel to get their camper.



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