Another FreedomFest Report – Cryptocurrency and Privacy Coins… tips and insights

FreedomFest, an annual conference of freedom minded individuals, libertarians if you will has become a somewhat regular summer event for me. I’ve now attended twice, most recently in July ’21 (#FFEST21) in Rapid City, SD.

When I attend a FreedomFest conference, I ALWAYS come away with new info, insights and much more and highly recommend this conference, most recently attended by about 3500 like-minded folks. Two reports I have already shared here on RV Across America are about a regenerative medicine company who are developing a treatment that may cure several degenerative diseases. They are also welcoming additional “Pre-IPO” investors. My report, posted a few months ago can be found HERE. I also wrote an article about Goldbacks – to learn what they are and why you may want to have some – please visit HERE.

What I bring to you today is an interview with Alex, a gentleman associated with a group known as The Crypto Vigilante. The topic? Crypto coins and in particular something known as privacy coins. I myself started “dabbling” in cryptos about 2 years ago and became essentially a HODL’er (hold on for dear life) type “investor.”

I put the term investor in quotes since cryptos are FAR more volatile and a greater risk than gold and silver – the most common alternative to fiat currency – something that many believe (including myself) will be worth near ZERO in the relatively near future. Suffice to say, while I own some crypto currency, I most definitely have NOT “bet the farm” on them!

Monero is perhaps the leader in an emerging group of Privacy Coins

Privacy Coins

Privacy coins are a group of crypto’s that are just what they say they are – steeped in privacy. I’ll leave it to you to review the video where Alex explains what these coins are all about and a bit of how to obtain them. I will tell you that I JUST recently figured a path for purchasing Monero and Pirate Chain (see the video) and with the recent downturn in crypto prices, I may just buy more soon!

At FreedomFest, I actually met the developers of Pirate Chain – they’re quite a group of characters. Perhaps mainstream in the crypto world, but definitely nothing like the EF Hutton investment bankers group!

Why Crypto Coins for the RV Traveler?

We all have assets and we are all heading into truly uncharted waters when it comes to inflation, stability of the U.S. dollar, cost of fuel, supply chain issues, etc. I for one do NOT want to be “dollar rich” by keeping much in the banks, holding much in stocks (which trade in US dollars) and such. Cryptos provide a pathway towards storing (and ideally growing) wealth – and yes, of course an opportunity to lose wealth – without requiring any significant physical storage.

The future of Cryptocurrency

No one can predict the future of cryptocurrency, let alone the price of bitcoin tomorrow (or in an hour!) – but – one thing is certain: cryptos are a “disruptive” technology – that is they’re changing the status quo – and truly disturbing the “powers that be” as cryptos are decentralized. Further, since they’re decentralized; as Alex from The Crypto Vigilante puts it in the video, there is NO “CEO” of Bitcoin to arrest or office to shut down, therefore individual governments (I believe) are likely to choose to live with these “entities” rather than try to shut them down – as that would only serve to drive the entire industry underground.

A quick note about The Crypto Vigilante

One of the reasons I like to attend live conferences is to meet people like Alex in person. Having done that, I feel much better about recommending his website to you as a valuable source of free information. They also have a “behind the paywall” service that is of course much more detailed and personal than the free side of their website – but – that said, if you stick to the free side, you’ll still gain tons of value from the information they present.

In closing…

Hey thanks for indulging me in this post. I believe that RV’ers (just like everyone else) need to consider all options when it comes to preserving (or growing) the wealth we’ve worked hard over our lives to accumulate. While cryptos certainly represent the most risky part of my personal strategy, they also offer the potential for incredible growth. Just think about how many folks you know that actually own crypto coins (probably not many) and how many folks are starting to ask about them (probably lots more!) What happens when the masses “step up to the plate” and start buying them? Coinbase is already as easy to use as Etrade or Ameritrade, and the process to get privacy coins while a bit more convoluted, is not that difficult (contact me if you want some thoughts on how to do that!)

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