RV Travel and Regenerative Medicine – Extending your Travelin’ Life by…

Face it… we all age! And, many of us don’t start RV’ing until we are nearing or in our retirement years. So, realistically, there’s a (relatively brief) “window of time” where you’ll have the time, resources, and good health to live in a camper and engage in RV travel.

As I approach 10 years on the road (in late November ’21), I know that a day will come where I can no longer travel – that will truly be a sad day for me. But…


that window of time to enjoy RV travel could be extended? Perhaps by DECADES?! Before you simply tune out, consider this… do you think people in the 1930’s could envision that less than 100 years later, people over 80 would be looking forward towards another decade or so of life while riding bikes and playing tennis?

It is with these introductory thoughts I want to introduce you to a man who heads a company engaged in cutting edge research designed to extend our lifespan potentially by decades. As he puts it, when some people ask “Who wants to live to 100?” His answer? Someone who is 99!

The key as I listen to him and his breakthrough approach is living longer AND maintaining your ability to enjoy life. With these words, I invite you to watch the following interview and I welcome your thoughts and feedback below after doing so.

Rapid City Convention Center – attendees arriving for FreedomFest 2021 – about 3000 were present for this highly informative and valuable conference

A quick and IMPORTANT note…

What follows in this interview with Dan Montano, CEO of Zhittya Genesis is NOT an “infomercial”… NOTHING is available for purchase. I am posting this information here as I believe it is of relevance AND interest to my fellow RV’ers. This is the first of my interviews to come out from my recent attendance at FreedomFest 2021 (#FFEST21) and I truly hope you find it to be of value.

Links to research on specific conditions AND my impressions from the interview…

A BIG takeaway that first impressed me when I learned about Zhittya Genesis is the molecule they’re working with (they call it FGF-1) is NATURALLY produced by our bodies. This means that when it is introduced into our bodies by a medical professional, your body knows what it is.

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From a scab to addressing heart disease, parkinsons, MS and more…

FGF-1 is only naturally produced when a trauma occurs. As Dan states at about the 3:00 mark, FGF-1 is helping to heal the skin beneath the scab when you injure your elbow – THAT is a “trauma”, and FGF-1 does so by creating new blood vessels. What I’m learning from Dan is it is that SAME increased blood flow that may help with the conditions (and more) noted above – this is what the approved and anticipated upcoming human trials will help to determine. The difference is with those suffering from heart disease or parkinsons there has been no “trauma” equivalent to skinning your knee to cause the body to produce FGF-1 on its own – and this is where Zhittya Genesis comes in. At about 5:30 in the video, this issue is explored in greater depth.

Canyon Lake IN Rapid City, SD – a great spot to unwind after a long day at the conference

At about 7:20, Dan and I get into a discussion of what Regenerative Medicine is – and why OUR generation should definitely be key’d in on it! It is here where Dan address’ his anticipated lifespan with the help of tools like FGF-1.

At about 8:30, Dan refers to endothelial cell dysfunction (and the potential role of FGF-1) and its importance to us as we age. There’s a video here that addresses this topic (and more)… INSERT VIDEO HERE

This link takes you to Zhittya Genesis’ YouTube page where the various conditions FGF-1 may address are discussed in individual videos.

Pactola Lake – near Rapid City – inspiring and a spot where I gathered my thoughts on Regenerative Medicine!

Closing Thoughts on Zhittya Genesis

I’m excited to learn about additional human trials beyond those recently approved in Mexico – and their results. When I first learned about Zhittya Genesis, I researched how big this could potentially be and now that they have progressed to human trials, it looks like its headed towards approval at some point. For me, that was enough to commit some funds to a “pre-IPO” stake in the company. They are still raising funds today so if you’re inclined towards such investments (RISKY!!) – reach out to me (307 269 2546 OR traveler@rvacrossamerica@gmail.com – and I’ll get you with Dan to learn the particulars of such an investment.

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