The Weather Turns – SE Idaho – and Goldbacks

Aaah, finally! A day with lousy weather. For over a month now the weather has been spectacular – in the 70’s most days and chilly in the morning. Of course, to “keep” the 70’s, I’ve relocated from Pinedale (7200 ft. elevation) to Ririe, Idaho (4700 ft. elevation.) Each day features abundant sunshine, and the best indicator of autumn approaching is now the noticeably shorter days.

Heise Hot Springs pool on Sept. 18 – last hours of summer!

Now with a rainy day, I can take a deep breath and share some information with you that I gathered at Freedomfest (#FFEST21.) Today’s interview is with Chris Jensen of, a company that has developed a new technology enabling you and I to carry “tradeable” amounts of gold in our wallets!

Before I get to Goldbacks, a quick story about Southeastern Idaho…

A sunny day at the pool – and the weather turned on a dime!

Heise Hot Springs celebrated the opening of their 200,000 gallon outdoor pool for the summer on September 18 – yep, the 3rd week of SEPTEMBER! They had a major construction project that kept the pool closed until the 18th. I arrived “on time” shortly after they opened at Noon, and summer lasted for about 2 hours before heavy showers moved in and the temperature fell from the mid-70’s (not bad for mid-late September) to about 50.

fun in the fading sun

Today, Sunday the 19th, its rainy and about 50 – and will remain so all day. Whew! A break from the sunshine and warmth! (Can you tell I’m ready for winter?)

a great way to end summer at Heise Hot Springs

Freedomfest and Goldbacks

Returning to my experience at Freedomfest – a libertarian conference held in Rapid City this past July, I had the opportunity to catch up with Chris Jensen of I first became aware of the existence of “goldbacks” in 2019 at Freedomfest in Vegas when I spoke with the manufacturer Valaurum.

goldbacks – a form of real money that is catching on

Goldbacks is the developer of a gold backed “note” that can be used in exchange for goods and services – and solves the age old problem – How do I buy a Starbucks latte with gold when a one ounce coin is valued at about $2000. In my video, I show what these goldbacks are and we discuss where and how you can use them.

The “goldback” is a form of REAL money that is catching on and offers the holder a “note” (unlike the federal reserve note) that is unlikely to devalue over time. If you’re interested in Gold backs, they can be purchased HERE – I’ve found this dealer to be both reputable and offer great prices!

As a traveler, I believe it is important to prepare for what’s coming – and one of the “upcoming events” may very well be (actually its almost inevitable) the final collapse of the “federal reserve note.” Goldbacks are one way to ensure your currency does not lose its value. One final note – yes there’s a premium for these goldback notes over buying gold by the ounce, but, they have functionality that one ounce coins of gold do not.

Again, if you want to get some gold backs, Defy the Grid is one vendor whom I have confidence in.

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