Extended Service Contracts – Why I would NEVER be caught without one for my RV

You’re looking at my RV refrigerator’s cooling unit. It failed recently. No particular reason – it just failed. Cost? Over $2500. IF I didn’t have an Extended Service Contract. With the contract, $100. out of pocket. About 15 months ago my landing gear failed. The motors wear and frankly are under-powered to begin with. Cost? $620. without an “ESC”, with it, cost was $100.

Needless to say, if you ask me, do you think I’m glad I have a ESC?! That said, not all ESC companies are the same. Most contracts read the same – they cover “components” which include the refrigerator, air-conditioner, hot water heater, landing gear, slide motors, valves, water pumps, and much more. BUT – simply put, some pay the claims while others find ways to dodge claims…so be careful!

Remember – Extended Service Contracts are offered for all types of products from cars to home stereos. In most cases, I simply say “thanks but no thanks” – BUT – when it comes to a RV, think of a “rolling earthquake” as your rv travels down the road and consider all the components installed that can (and will) break and ask yourself – do YOU want to be “on the hook” for those expenses?

I will say this – I work with a company that IS reputable and DOES pay their claims and the prices are VERY fair for what the contract will cost you. Contact me if you want a quote. You can email me at: traveler@rvacrossamerica.net

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12 thoughts on “Extended Service Contracts – Why I would NEVER be caught without one for my RV”

  1. Thanks for EVERYTHING YOU DO! !!!! On YOUTUBE It’s a Blessing to Cordell Family Rockwell N.C! !!##plantaseed Holla Again Thank you Lord Jesus! ! !

  2. do any companies cover roofs in their extended service contract for used units?

    do manufacturer warranties on roofs on rvs transfer to new owner

    • sorry, no and no. extended service contracts generally cover “components” – aka – fridge, water heater, landing gear, slide out motor, furnace… And, when you sell a RV, generally no warranties follow to the new owner.

    • The company I recommend & personally have a policy with is AGWS. Are you interested in getting a quote for your camper?

  3. HI Alan,
    I am interested in the extended service contract you recommend. I have a 2016 Starcraft travel trailer. Can I still qualify for ESC?

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