Shopping for a camper at “the big camper store” – A Deceptive Experience

Shopping for a camper (RV, trailer, etc.)? Read & Learn from this… I was curious… real curious. I was approached by a client with whom I was working to find the right fifth wheel for their family. They called me to report they saw the same model at “the big camper store” (I will not … Read more

How to Buy a RV… What to Expect AFTER you purchase

 Ready to buy your RV? Issues to consider BEFORE you sign – This is (perhaps) the last post in the “How to buy a RV” series. Enjoy the content and please feel free to chime in on the discussion at the bottom of the post as it develops. Buying the right RV is a big … Read more

RV Loans – The INSIDE Story, what YOU need to know before…

RV Loans – Securing the BEST deal… (Part 5 of a “How to” buy a RV Series”) It’s fun to dream isn’t it? Many folks shop for RV’s, sometimes for years dreaming of the times they’ll have the lifestyle they’ll live. For many, turning that dream into reality requires a loan as RV’s (especially new … Read more

WHERE to buy an RV … and WHAT to look for

how to buy a rv

Does it Matter WHERE you buy your new (or used) RV?  and… What you SHOULD look for when evaluating that rig! Part 4 of a 5 part series. Part 1 is HERE. I learned some interesting facts when I first got into RV consulting in the Spring of 2015. I saw people who lived in … Read more

Choosing the Right Type of RV – How to buy an RV – Part 3

Choosing the right type of RV – How to buy an RV (Part 3 of a series) Note: This is part 3 of a 5 part series, originally created in late 2016, now being updated in Nov. 2020. Some of the narrative is new, NOT the videos. The first post in this series has an … Read more

How to buy an RV – New vs. Used

How to Buy a RV: New vs. Used Welcome to Part 2 in our How to buy a RV Series. (UPDATED Nov. 2020) This post explores the merits of buying a NEW vs. a USED RV. If you missed part 1, click HERE to access the first post in this series which discusses WHEN to buy … Read more

How to buy an RV – Motorhome, Travel Trailer, or Fifth Wheel

How to Buy an RV – First of a series, When to purchase NOTE: I originally wrote this “How to buy” series in Jan. 2016, I’m updating it (the written narrative ONLY, not the videos) in November 2020. When I created the videos (in 2016), I was working in sales for an RV dealer in … Read more


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