“Book Values” on used RV Campers were recently updated, and the new (and lower values) offer a VERY telling story…

used rv jd power values buying guide

The latest used RV values were released. What does the drop in values mean? How should you best proceed if you’re SELLING or BUYING a RV Camper?

It’s RV Show season – and the RV industry wants YOU to buy a new camper – should you??

Subtitle: When you look over a camper, much of what you see will NOT reveal whether its well constructed or not – BUT – there ARE clues I have ALOT to share in this post. I recently attended the RV show in Sandy, Utah (2/16/23) and made a number of observations and took lots of …

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How to Buy a RV… What to Expect AFTER you purchase

 Ready to buy your RV? Issues to consider BEFORE you sign – This is (perhaps) the last post in the “How to buy a RV” series. Enjoy the content and please feel free to chime in on the discussion at the bottom of the post as it develops. Buying the right RV is a big …

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