Saratoga, Wyoming – Toxic Algae – Summer 22 RV Travel Notes

I’m back on the road – at least for a few months. After two months in Edgemont SD, I left at the end of July, traveled to Casper, Wy (stayed 9 days), then Saratoga Wy (2 weeks), now Rock Springs (the arm pit of Wyoming!) for 1 night. I’m on my way to Ririe Idaho, with plans to spend some dry camping time after Ririe in the Wind River Mtns. before heading “down” to Utah likely for the winter.

While in Saratoga, naturally, I soaked (in the hot springs) every morning. This morning, Aug. 22, I got there before 7am when the temperature was 46F – LOVING IT! Cooler mornings as the days get shorter and summer begins to wind down. Its now mid-day in Rock Springs, 85F, but no humidity.

Saratoga Hot Springs – travelers from across the world visit to experience these truly healing waters

Much of my time in Saratoga this trip was spent reading, relaxing, soaking (world class hot springs), and exploring the Snowy Mountain Range. It’s not so snowy at this time of year, though I did see some patches of “old snow” (last seasons snow) hiding in crevasses and canyons high in the Snowys.

Mirror Lake – 10,500 ft – much more to come in an upcoming post! (if you look closely you can see patches of snow above the lake and this is mid-August)


I had the opportunity to paddle in Turpin Reservoir (elevation 9400 ft.) and Mirror Lake (10500 ft.) Both water bodies are PRISTINE high mountain lakes with crystal clear water and spectacular scenery. Saratoga Lake this go around (I typically visit Saratoga 2x each year for about 2 weeks each visit) was not the water body to paddle in. I learned a few days after arrival that there was at least one (and likely) two TOXIC ALGAE blooms – and according to a researcher from U Wyoming, they’re nasty species.

Turpin Reservoir – another pristine lake in the Snowy’s – just a taste – more photos and videos to come in an upcoming post

Based upon her advice, I decided to forego any paddling in Saratoga Lake this time, and since the town and fish and game didn’t post the results of their July water tests, I did my part to let visitors know to be careful – especially with dogs going in the lake.

Saratoga Lake and Campground – beautiful even with toxic algae issues

To the town’s defense, they did post a “be on the lookout for” sign that stated this lake is prone to toxic algae issues, but I believe that further signage was warranted as a bloom (or two) has been found. The DEQ (Dept. of Environmental Quality) has a webpage that details all Wyoming lakes and any that have issues. The link can be found HERE. My video (above) details how to use this site.

On the road again... Edgemont SD to Ririe Idaho with stops in Casper, Saratoga (Hot Springs!!), Rock Springs, on the way... an ongoing RV Adventure!
Sunset & a shower to the west at Saratoga Lake – August 2022

As the weather cools – IF you plan to RV Camp in the winter… here’s my thoughts on RV Skirting (and where to get a great one!)

Inspiring Video of the Snowy Mountains

I will be posting (soon) inspiring webcam footage of the Snowy Range – particularly the roads leading to Turpin Reservoir & Mirror Lake. They’re both worth visiting – and along the way, I may just have a few surprises for you! Stay tuned!!

New RV Travel Project – Future Posts

A friend suggested I do one (or more) posts highlighting the best photos I’ve taken over the years. I thanked him and believe his idea has merit. (What say you? Feel free to post comments below!)

As I started my first “photo essay post”, I decided to link the photos back to the original posts. As soon as I started my work, I found a post detailing my first winter in an RV in Steamboat Colorado – and discovered a video in which I was MUCH younger – that had garnered over 350,000 views, but it was on a youtube channel that I no longer use. So… I’ve moved the video to my current YouTube RV Across America channel, and updated the original post from 2013 to include LOTS of new info. I’m planning to re-release this post soon as it shows some interesting change in my views and knowledge over the past decade.

I am also working on more posts that address quality issues in the RV industry – an issue that gave rise to my Concierge RV Buying and Selling Service, which continues to grow 4 years later! I plan to discuss the latest consolidations and consumer attitudes that feed the industry’s worst players. Another issue I plan to discuss with you is avoiding the pitfalls of trading in your current camper for a new one – and a current look at the RV industry when it comes to buying a camper these days.

I plan an update on my 2022 Ford F350 as I now have over 4000 miles on the odometer.

Coal Train Coffee Shop – Rock Springs

Coal Train Depot – Living History in Rock Springs, Wy

I found an interesting place to work on this post (and beat the mid-afternoon heat!) The Coal Train Coffee Shop in Rock Springs. Located in the downtown district, as with many towns across America, the downtown is dying (dead?) But… the Coal Train Coffee Shop is a BOLD attempt to resurrect both the downtown AND the old train depot (history can be found HERE.)

Coal Train Depot – remodeled into a coffee shop where strangers can still gather!
Downtown Rock Springs – quiet and boarded up like many rural America towns (even the banks!!)

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  1. Thanks for all the great information! Would love to see your photos and also would love to hear the access roads and if you had to drive there or hike there. Thanks again!

    • Patty,

      Thanks for the feedback. All that is coming in a new post… soon. I have a winter rv camping post (preparation for) due out first, then I will likely tackle the Snowys and outdoor recreation.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your photos. I always appreciate your guidance and information, but it will be nice to see more of the lighter side with your photos. I find that what people like to photo says alot about them. Safe travels!


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