My Morning Commute in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

jackson hole early morning
Early December, Jackson Hole, Wy. Before the slopes open, an early morning view from my office!

Spectacular! Inspiring! Breathtaking! Jackson Hole

These are just a few of the terms that attempt to express how I see my morning commute here in the Teton Valley of western Wyoming.

Allow me to share my commute with you…

And… it all ends with a gondola ride to my office! In fact, I often greet my ski students with “Welcome to my 4100 ft, 2500 acre outdoor classroom & playground”!

Its still early December but skiing has started already. I’m now entering my 3rd week and with 16 ski days in the record books already, I’m feeling good and ready for more – and to teach others. Jackson Hole has a great training program for instructors – a total of 7 days on the slopes focused upon teaching and personal ski improvement (which you can turn-key to help others as well.)

jackson hole mountain resort
Jackson Hole Mountain – 4139 ft vertical, 2500 acres, and this photo does not do it justice!

Its a bit milder today, nearly up to freezing! Certainly more moderate than a few days ago when mornings were about -10F and the valley inversion kept daytime highs from reaching +10F! Conditions on the mountain were FAR more amenable as above the inversion, temperatures reached the mid-20’s. The only downside was skiing to the base and back into a freezer!

The warmer weather is actually a prelude to SNOW! Looking forward to a foot plus on the mountain over the next 2-3 day!

It actually was so cold one morning last week, I was FROZEN IN my camper! That is, my door would not open until I ran some heat on it. I discovered frost had “sealed” the door shut! Yes, had I forced it, I’m sure I could have exited, but I would likely have broken something, so, I opted to exhibit patience and put a heater next to the door for a few minutes.

jackson hole mountain resort base
A view from the base. The Tram is now running and you can work those legs all the way from the top to the base.
jackson hole mountain resort novice trails
Gentle and family friendly near the base; challenging above! A ski resort where double blue runs are more like black runs elsewhere!

So… its still pre-season, I’m enjoying the relative quiet and tranquility – and the “deep cold” has not yet settled in (the long range forecasts suggest that by Christmas it may be VERY cold here) – so, I’m going to take steps (likely tomorrow) to further protect my fridge from freezing up, and to insure that I’m ready for temperatures as low as -30F (or lower) should those conditions develop!

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