Choosing the RIGHT RV Surge Protector (from personal experience)…

Whether its ski apparel or certain RV accessories, I lean towards buying the best. Why? Functionality, reliability AND how you’re taken care of down the road in the event of a product failure.

A surge protector protects your RV’s ENTIRE electrical system. It is IMPORTANT to get a good one! Surge protectors can be purchased for as little as about $30. – but – ask yourself “Is it worth the risk?”

ONE SURGE can take out (literally) thousands of dollars in electronics and cause you MANY hours of headaches – damages that will likely NOT be covered under any warranty (extended or manufacturers.) Further, I’ve seen how “squirrley” the wiring is at some campgrounds. A good surge protector will literally prevent you from connecting to a power pedastle that is unsafe for your camper.

Progressive 50A Surge Protector
Progressive 50A model (read on for info about the 30A model)

Such is the case with my Progressive RV Surge Protector. Here’s my story…

Purchased late in 2011, it failed in 2018. If it were a lesser product, I would have thrown it out, but seeing I spent over $300. for it, I checked the company website and was reminded of their LIFETIME warranty! As I described in my video above, after a quick phone call and sending two photos to Progressive, I was approved for a one-time replacement of the surge protector with the latest model – NO CHARGE (including free shipping.) Here is a link to the Progressive Surge Protector I have – for 50 Amp systems and for 30 Amp systems. (If you’re a “specs geek” – see the bottom of this post for Progressive’s own data page copied here.)

progressive surge protector
Pick the right protector for your camper – 30A or 50A then use the link above to get the best price on it.

If you have a 50 amp camper, get the 50A surge protector. You can always use it to connect to a 30A pedastle at a campground by using a 50A to 30A adapter. I have links to those as well as much more HERE – this is where you will find Recommended RV Accessories.

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From Progressive’s own data page detailing their two top surge protectors:

Electrical Management System (EMS) helps to protect your RV against voltage fluctuations, power surges and incorrectly wired shore power which can cause severe and costly damage to RV appliances and electronics. Improved design features include: state-of-the-art microprocessors, all weather shield assembly, rugged pull handle, secure locking bracket, built-in scrolling digital display and a tough Lexan® housing.

Sleek, compact portable design makes unit easy to use and store. Plug-and-play application.

Designed for recreational vehicle use only.

Built-in Scrolling Digital Display:
• Previous Error Code (PE)
• Normal Operating Conditions (E 0)
• Reverse Polarity Protection (E 1)
• Open Ground Protection (E 2)
• Open Neutral Protection (no power through)

• High Voltage Protection (Line 1-E 3, Line 2-E 5)

• Low Voltage Protection (Line 1-E3, Line 2-E 6)
• High Frequency Protection (E 7)
• Low Frequency Protection (E 8)
• Provides Amperage Usage Reading

Product Features:

• Weather Resistant designed for Outdoor Use

• Security Locking Bracket

• Rugged Pull Handle

• Tough Lexan® Housing

• All Weather Shield Assembly

• Designed for Outdoor Use

• Lifetime Warranty (excludes All Weather Shield Assembly)


Tech Specs:
Box Dimensions: 6¼” W x 18¼” H x 5″ D

Boxed Weight: 6 lbs

Mfr. Part #: EMS-PT50X

Product Specs:
Surge Protection: 5-Mode / 3,580J / 88,000A

Ratings: 50A / 120V/240V / 12,000W

Operating Temperatures: -40C to +105C

Product Dimensions with All Weather Shield Assembly Cover: 6″ W x 18″ H x 6 1/8″ D


Tech Specs:
Box Dimensions: 6¼” W x 18¼” H x 5″ D

Boxed Weight: 5 lbs

Mfr. Part #: EMS-PT30X

Product Specs:
Surge Protection: 3-Mode / 1,790J / 44,000A

Ratings: 30A / 120V / 3,600W

Operating Temperatures: -40C to +105C

Product Dimensions with All Weather Shield Assembly Cover: 6″ W x 18″ H x 6 1/8″ D

WARNING: Product is intended to be used only while in an upright position.

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2 thoughts on “Choosing the RIGHT RV Surge Protector (from personal experience)…”

  1. I just bought an Aktiv 1.0, with Ecotreks, Voltstart, solar. i rather not buy anything unnecessarily. I’m thinking about just checking the CG power outlets with a simple outlet checking device. I have 130K miles on my older 2005 Airstream Westfalia with no mishaps. I will not connect if anything looks dubious. What do youn think?

    We may see you in VT. Currently hanging out on a Cayuga Lakeside friend’s home while I familiarize myself with the Aktiv. The Westy was so easy, the manual was well written and instructive. With the original German gel batteries I could boondock for 4-5 days easily before I installed a 2000W inverter.


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