Snow hits the valleys on October 12 – A RV’er report from Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

First snow of the season on my camper

It seems like it was just two days ago when I sat in my camping chair outside absorbing the warm October sun. Oh wait… it WAS just two days ago!

A riverside campsite near (1 mile) from Lava Hot Springs

IT all started yesterday with mixed snow and rain, heavy at times, the second significant autumn storm in a week (we’ve had about 2 – 3 inches of liquid precipitation here over the past 7 days – not bad for a region that averages about 16 inches in an entire year!

Spectacular fall colors from my “office” window

Last night, heavy snow developed. Heavy enough to coat the still warm ground – and coat it the snow did! To the tune of about 4-5 inches on grass and trees (with leaves still on) by this morning. I’d consider cross country skiing today, but the snow is wet & the ground under it is soft and muddy – not a good combination for enjoying a good skating session!

Looking upstream – clouds gather for a storm

The snow is now letting up, a nice, light, fluffy snow that makes everything look a bit like Christmas – save for the fact that we still have fall colors on the deciduous trees!

Stunning – just “up” from the hot springs

AND… it looks like the snow may actually stick around for a bit as today will remain cloudy with highs in the mid-30’s (normal is about 55), lows tonight near 20, and more snow possible for later tomorrow!

First signs of the gathering storm

Winter has NOT arrived as temperatures by the weekend will “soar” to near 50 and the dry pattern resumes, at least for a time. This will facilitate my travel from Lava Hot Springs to the Pinedale, Wyoming area where I intend to spend the winter – and depending upon what happens in our nation, perhaps MORE than the winter!

Snow begins before sundown on Oct 11 here in the valley (5200 ft.)

Upcoming RV travel

I awoke to about 4″ of fresh (wet) snow that fell overnight (Oct 12) at my RV site

In my remaining travels before setting up for winter near Pinedale (7200 ft. elevation), I may visit Kemmerer (home of the first JC Penny store!) or Alpine (home of the Yankee Doodle diner – an icon itself!) I’m planning to land in Pinedale by Nov. 1st – but I may travel there sooner depending upon availability of fuel and “other” activities emanating from our nation’s capital.

Like a winter wonderland – and summer ended just 20 days ago!

While here in Lava Hot Springs, I have a “waterfront” (river) site. I’m in a nearly deserted campground behind a motel, that now refers to itself as a “resort” – amazing how such terms can be misused! But – it gives them the gravitas to (over)charge for water and electric sites (nearly $200/week in OCTOBER.)

Dawn – fresh snow & autumn color

What’s my attraction to Lava Hot Springs?

Weighted trees eventually broke and caused a 1 hour power outage this morning

This is my 3rd trip here. Why? An olympic sized (indoor) heated (90F) pool that offers lap swimming for $2 from 6-9am on weekdays. Outdoor hotsprings – world class – in the center of town. The Chuck Wagon diner (great breakfast!) and.. good people.

Lava Springs – small town – touristy – a snowy morning

Pocatello is nearby as is Soda Springs, its reservoir (good kayaking) and a really cool geyser!

Last Minute Updates

THIS is why budgeting is impossible while traveling! My Wen generator just failed and a local small machine repair guy told me its not worth the $$ to repair it (it only cost just over $400.) – so… it gave me a bit over 2 years of service. I’ve elected to replace it with a Champion. I’m told that they’re reliable and few get returned to the stores they were purchased from. Further, the issue with the Wen, I’m told could happen to any generator and it had nothing to do with anything I did. Here is the Champion generator I purchased.

Lastly, as the weather gets colder – don’t forget about RV Skirting! Here’s my story.

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