From a heart attack in 2019 to the BEST health I’ve enjoyed since I was about 20 yrs old…

It was February 12, 2019, I awoke with a strange feeling. Being a “trooper” and knowing I was due in at Jackson Hole to teach skiing that day, I proceeded on my normal routine. I commuted across Teton Pass from Victor Idaho caught the bus at Stillson and headed up the mountain and get ready for a day on the slopes – my 75th of the season.

Morning at Solitude

I took an early run on Apre-Vous, down a double blue (an expert run on any other mountain), and something was still not right. The reality? I was having a heart attack! I detail the events that followed here in a post I wrote just a few days after it all happened.

Skiing Paradise – and feeling REAL good about it!

Two Stents

Two stents is all it took to restore blood flow, but naturally there was still much uncertainty. As I note in the videos below, I’m very impressed with the critical care I received, and far less impressed with the follow up care.

Skiing the Trees – Solitude

About 3 1/2 years later…

I had lost very little weight, I was still on meds, had high blood pressure (160/90 was common when I skipped a dose of my beta-blocker. I was functioning, I was skiing, biking, and swimming, but I was NOT truly healthy.

Then in the late summer of 2022, it all changed…

Here’s what I did to completely change my overall health in a matter of months – and the best news? And, I believe YOU can do it as well…

An intro sharing my recent health history. My motivation and drive to make changes. Know that YOU can do this too. And, yep, the image above is a recent (and common) blood pressure result – and resting pulse as of February 2023.

In this post as you read on and view the videos, enjoy the photos I’ve taken from the ski areas that honor the IKON pass this winter (’22-23) – which has enabled me to ski (so far) 33 days this winter – and with my improved health and lowered weight, I’m enjoying an INTENSE winter of skiing!

How my understandings about health and wellness may benefit YOU

Here’s my (relatively) complete story (I’ll fill in a few blanks below on points I didn’t bring up in the video below.) It is my belief that YOU may know someone who can benefit from my experience detailed here…

By going public here, I hope and pray that what I’ve learned may benefit you or someone you love.

A few things that you need to know about me –

  • I’ve struggled with my weight and “girth” for much of my life (I can remember shopping as a young teen with my mother and her always asking for the “husky department”)
  • Decades of poor eating and excess weight culminated in a heart attack in 2019 (as discussed earlier.)
Morning at Brighton – Inspiring!

As you learned in the videos above, it was not until Summer 2022 that I truly had a “health conversion” in terms of my diet. AND, while I’m NO FAN of “big tech” (and what it has done to the free sharing of information over the past few years), I WILL credit Google and YouTube as platforms to locate valuable information that has truly changed the course of my life.

Legendary Alta – Off Piste Challenge

My statement in the prior paragraph in NO WAY lets either entity named there “off the hook” from the blatant censorship and manipulation of information related to the “wu-flu” health “crisis” that has gripped the world over the past 3 years. There have been other topics that have been heavily censored, but FORTUNATELY health and wellness when it comes to diet, metabolic syndrome, and cardiac health are areas where information is still “free-flowing.”

Skiing Alta is a true experience!

Additional tips on my diet and actions…

As I noted in the videos, I’m pursuing a “near” keto diet – high fat, medium protein, and low carb. Since starting late last summer (2022), I’ve had very little bread or pasta, NO cookies, cake, ice cream, and I limit my breakfasts (pancakes, eggs, and bacon) to once (or at most twice) per month. Additional tips I can share are –

  • INTERMITTENT FASTING – I believe this is a true KEY to success. Your body needs time to “reset” and occasionally, I’ll extend the fast from 18 to 24 hours. Some of the reading I’ve done suggests extending it to as much as 72 hours – and I may try that when warmer weather arrives.
  • Snacking – if I’m going to eat early OR in between lunch and dinner, I have raw, unsalted almonds, walnuts and (limited) cashews in my home. Again – NO cookies or other junk. I do allow myself chocolate that is the “premium” stuff – like 85% cocoa so it is lower in sugar.
  • Eggs – eggs are a great source of protein (and vitamins.) I eat about a dozen a week (usually in an omelet with cheese and some meat.) Yes, eggs contain cholesterol, but remember, (from what I’ve learned), cholesterol is not the problem, SUGAR and the subsequent inflammation are.
  • Meat – I eat meat on a regular basis (virtually daily with dinner.)
  • Carbs – best to have with dinner and thus keep lunch to fats and protein which will not produce an “insulin response”, thus (ideally), you’re only calling upon insulin to be produced by your body once a day.
  • NO calorie restriction – in fact the more fats you eat, the more satiated you’ll be and not feel those hunger pangs associated with most diets.
  • God made foods – NOT man made foods – in other words – I avoid heavily processed foods
  • NO MORE MEDS! I am free of beta blockers and statins and KNOW that I’m better off without them!! (I’m NOT a medical professional so this is ONLY me sharing with you what I did.)
Alta Tree Skiing

Physical Activity

Even before my heart attack, I led an active life. I’m a traveler. I live in a 5th wheel trailer (which is holding up very nicely by the way!) I run my own Concierge RV Buying and Selling Service and strive to provide the best for each of my clients – regardless of whether they’re buying or selling an RV camper. And, during the winter, I ski – A LOT!

Losing this extra weight has MOST DEFINITELY enabled me to ski better than I ever have in my life, and I’m looking forward to getting on my ICE Trike when we have our first warm weather to see how it feels to ride it with my weight around 185 instead of 230! My relatively new inflatable kayak, rated to about 235 pounds will be far more appreciative of my new lower weight as well!

A day at Snowbasin


As I stated in my videos above, feel free to contact me if you want the complete list of supplements I take. One of my main sources is the Health Ranger Store. Mike Adams is the owner and his claim to fame is he formulates most of what he sells AND tests ALL of his supplements for lead and glyphosate contamination (and I believe his testing extends well beyond just those two.)

I routinely buy liquid vitamin D3-K2 from his store – item number 810007521336. I have also purchased liposomal vitamin C (better absorption) as well. He recently switched formulations and I have not purchased the new stuff yet. The original formulation is available on Amazon HERE. I’m also a fan of Black Cumin Seed Oil at Mike’s store and Vitamin B12. They even have nuts that have been tested for various toxins in their store! There are other supplements I buy here, and again, if you want the complete list of what I take, reach out to me.

Another supplier I’ve learned to trust is Pure Bulk. From them (among others), I’ve purchased Berberine, Lycine, and Quercetin. Research each and you’ll find lots of interesting information as to how they can potentially benefit you.

Upcoming posts on RV Across America

I’ve been here in the Salt Lake Valley (Draper) since November 1, in a few weeks I will ‘hit the road’ and do some traveling (my plans are still open.) I do plan to report on the Brinkley 5th wheel – generating some buzz in the RV world; my impressions of the RV show in Sandy, Utah (Feb 2023), an update on my (still) new kayak – inflatable – great for travelers! Further, more buying advice “from an industry insider.” And much more…

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9 thoughts on “From a heart attack in 2019 to the BEST health I’ve enjoyed since I was about 20 yrs old…”

  1. Hi Alan
    I have followed you on You Tube for several years. Was planning on using your service for a used RV but found a deal I couldn’t resist. I bought a 2020 24RKS ORV Anniversary model. Have towed it 3500 miles so far. It has an after market Victron solar package with 200AH battle born Lithium batteries. It’s everything we hoped for the last 3 year. We retired in October 2020 .
    You look and sound great I love the health ranger and wish modern medicine would follow his lead. Shawn Baker MD is another great source for health on you tube.
    I will continue to send people your way for RV sales and purchase ! Good luck on your Journey . Sincerly John Hadaway

    • Thanks John, Enjoy your travels, agree 100% with the health ranger! I will look into shawn baker, his name sounds familiar. If you find yourself near salt lake city (until late march) or in SE idaho (apr-july?), look me up! Glad to hear you found a deal on a 24RKS, its a hell of a camper as long as the step up into the shower is not an issue. Al

      • I like the separate sink and bath combo. The shower standing sideways give me plenty of room. The step up is not an issue for us. I like the fact that the trailer is 28’8″ overall length. I have a 2020 Chevy 2500 HD LTZ 4WD duramax diesel and the combination really works well for us. Good job on your health. With out our health we have nothing !

  2. Hi Alan,

    I’ve been following Dr. Ken Berry on You Tube. I lost 40 pounds but recently have nose bombed off my diet and need to get back on. My one and only test for a1c was 5.5. Considered good.
    I do have an RV. Only had it a year. Went to 2 state (LOCAL) parks last year but my goal is to spend more time in it, maybe full time. That will make my diet easier because I live with my daughter and I cant convince her to do keto with me. I know, I know, she’s not cramming the crap down my throat. lol. I wish Illinois had BLM land. I am on ss and expecting knee replacement in March. Meanwhile that gives me more time to improve things on my 93 Winnebago while I improve my mobility.—GOALS!!!

    Sue W.

    • Good luck to you Sue. Give my videos a close listen – you’ll find that my diet is relatively easy to follow. I’m not restricting calories and my a1c dropped from 5.5 to 4.9 in 4 months. A reading of 5.5 may be ok, or it may not. I got an insulin test and results were not impressive – details in my videos.


  3. Great job losing that weight! Sounds like you have taken on the monster! I am not well physically and am interested to learn your techniques and eating habits. I am 205 and 66 years old and always active! Lately after my stroke, Lyme disease, DVT’s from that covid booster my energy level is in the dumps but I am still hard at it. It’s increasingly tough for me to keep up. My type 2 diabetes doesn’t help. My heart is strong per the cardiac guys and don’t need a stint proven by the angiogram. It healthy eating I need. What are you doing?
    Take care,

    • Richard,

      Start by watching the 2 videos & reading my post line by line about the past 4 months in my life. I can provide you with a detailed list of supplements I take, but as to what I eat – its all detailed in the post and its videos. I can get more specific if desired. Al


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