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  1. Alan,
    Been following you for quite some time. I know you have researched kayaks but couldn’t find your results. My wife and I are leaving in our Class A for the mountain where you have been and would like to have a double kayak with us. We are looking at the Sea Eagle SE370 but wondered if you have any ideas you would like to share.
    Dennis Emory

  2. Al,
    Hope you are well. Enjoy your videos.
    Any tips for me on going to multiple states & ski resorts next winter in a teardrop style RV? Do the RV parks you mention in these areas have restrooms and shower facilities i can use? Any recommendations on best heaters for a teardrop trailer. As well as any other tips you can think of.

    • Edward,

      First of all, happy Easter! Just finished a “Ressurection Day” Online Service, and now attending to some messages – Most of the RV parks in my post do have restrooms. Of course, next winter, depending upon the status of this china virus and our ability to fight it, restrooms may or may not be open. Right now, most RV parks that are open are NOT opening their restrooms. And yes, restrooms typically have shower facilities. So, the short answer is call each when the time gets nearer and see what their status is.

      In a teardrop RV, my greatest concern is staying warm. The best portable electric heater I’ve found is the Soleil ( It heats my living room area VERY well. Last night, when temperatures dropped to 15F, it kept the room close to 70F! I’d say the room is about 250 sq ft. Are you planning to keep water in the plumbing? If so, you’re going to need to heat the underbelly region as well unless your furnace does this (unlikely in a tear drop trailer.) If you have not yet purchased a trailer, I can recommend a true 4 season trailer that WILL handle the conditions you plan to camp in quite well AND has a LARGE fresh water tank – another important feature that will enable you to stay in some ski area parking lots and dry camp! All the best and thanks for your kind words, Al

  3. Al,
    We own a Glacier Peak F26RKS and have loved it. We are exploring upgrading to a slightly larger rig after having ours a couple years now. What’s going on at ORV? They have only the two floorplans now and no full profile units. As a result I started looking at other manufacturers and have whittled it down to a Jayco Pinnacle 32RLTS which is a new floor plan for them. Thoughts on Pinnacle? What is going on at ORV?

    • The short answer is ORV is selling trailers that their dealers are able to sell. That is, all the travel trailers are selling far better than 5th wheels. As a small company, they have to produce what they can sell. The larger Glacier Peaks simply put were not selling. I have thoughts on this and have shared them with their General Manager, but regardless, for now, they’re limiting their 5th wheel offerings.

      Now, as to viable options – Arctic Fox is due a complete refresh (rumored) for 2020. If you can wait, I would encourage that. The Pinnacle looks good – but – Jayco is now a Thor company and has had some quality control issues.

      How soon do you want a new one? Have you reviewed my concierge service info?


  4. We are attempting to wade through all types of information on 5th wheels. We live in Ohio and plan on traveling a few weeks at a time. Our drawback is finding a quality model that travels well. Your information is great. Are there manufacturers/models that you would/could recommend that are available in the midwest?

    • What price range do you want to be in? How many will be living in the trailer? What kind of truck are you pulling with? With this info I can provide specifics.

    • I’m going to estimate Fall 2018 (October?) I am sure it will be a high quality trailer for part time use. I would not recommend it for full time use, especially with 2+ living in it, perhaps its ok with 1 living in it. For full time use, I’d recommend what I’m in – the 30RLS. If you study the difference between the two – the bedroom in the 30RLS has a much larger clothes closet & more storage space. As to price, I’d bet high 50’s to high 60’s depending upon how its outfitted. I should tell you that if you’re looking for an Outdoors RV 5th wheel, what dealers have now is likely what they’ll have for the summer season as the next run for all Glacier Peaks is looking like Autumn. Right now, the dealer I work with has a 30RLS, 30RKS (titanium) and a 26RKS. When they sell, they’re done until Autumn! Where in the nation are you Herbert? Al

  5. I’m reaching out to find a companion to travel with income a man can fix minor things and have a good time.going back east to my do some work on less to acres of my familys property let me know i want to go now yea road trip.lets do it.

  6. Hey Al, I stumbled across you while searching on youtube. Love your videos and info on your website.
    I’m a 57 yo firefighter of Houston Tx. I live in Brenham Tx, home of Blue Bell Ice Cream. Best ice cream in the country. Lol!
    I am planning on retiring next year and want to buy a 5th wheel. I did have a 5th wheel picked out partly on price and floor plan and interior design. You have blown that out of the water with the Outdoor rv trailers. Never heard of them. Love the way they are built with the foam insulation. Closest dealer to me is in Colorado or Arizona. Neither have much of an inventory. I looked up the dealer you work at and they don’t list them on their website even though I think I read where you said they carry them. I am not opposed at getting a good used one and not opposed at traveling a ways to get it.
    I also looked up the Augusta rv but the floor plans I saw were to long for what I want. I didn’t see anything under 38 ft. Also price was more than the Outdoors, probably because they’re bigger and more luxurious. So they’re out for me.
    Thanks again for all the info you provide and look forward to reading more of your site to learn as much as I can before buying.
    Michael Parks

    The trailer I was interested in was the Grand Design Reflection series.
    Not sure of model no. but in the 30 to 33 ft. size

    • Michael,

      Thanks for reaching out. We list the Outdoors RV trailers by their series (CreekSide, TimberRidge, Blackstone, Glacier Peak <-- these are the 5th wheels). Currently we are sold out on the Glacier Peak 5th wheels, but I expect to receive a few in September. If you visit the company website, you can see the F30RLS and F30RKS - those are the pieces coming in. And... thanks for recognizing a truly superior product!


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