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This section of RV Across America (.net) highlights superior RV accessories from mattresses to road service to water filters (and everything in-between!) that you’re going to NEED (ok, or want!) – all of which I have personal experience with as an “end-user” and have found to be superior as a full-time traveler who has put these products to the ULTIMATE TEST!

IF you’re a winter camper… I also highlight a heated water hose & heat tape (for the sewer line) to make your winter camping experience even better!

Water Hose

drinking water hose

Link to Water Hose

Need a HEATED water hose (for winter use) <— click

This water hose really doesn’t kink! And… I like the fitting on the end that attaches to the hydrant – it makes it easy to twist the hose on tight so there’s no leaks. I recommend the 50 ft. length – I’ve never needed more, but I’ve come close! With this length of hose, you’re not going to have to worry “am I close enough to the hydrant” when deciding exactly where to set up camp in your site.
Water Pressure Regulator

Direct link to water regulator

Water pressure regulators are VITAL as many RV parks have variable or HIGH water pressure – pressure high enough to damage your RV’s plumbing system. What you DON’T need is an expensive or fancy pressure regulator – what you DO need is one that “does the job” AND has a filter on it to filter out solids – solids that will drive your hot water heater and inside faucets crazy and gum them up.
90 Degree Angle Fitting for Water Hose

Direct link to brass elbow

This is an invaluable little fitting that works GREAT especially if you have a 5th wheel trailer (or motorhome) with a “wet bay”. It will help you attach the water hose AND guide it in the right direction! Reduces stress on both the hose and the fitting you’re connecting it to in that wet bay. 

Water Filtration

Direct link to water filter

A water filter is important for multiple reasons – the most obvious is to provide the inside of your camper with clean water, but there is more to the picture. Campground water systems are notorious for having sediment in the water. This sediment, when it enters your camper can act to gum up the faucets and collect in the hot water heater – which can ultimately cause the hot water heater to need service or more.

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    I’m Very Grateful for your in depth knowledge of RV’s. I plan to part time Barber, and part time visit Family from Texas to California!! I’m choosing a bumper pull for just myself. And all the equipment your knowledge has provided… Thank You sir


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