Sewer RV Accessories

Affordable, Effective Sewer Hose

Link for Camco Sewer Kit – Highly Recommended

Camco makes a reliable product, its often priced right (when compared to the competition) and they stand behind it. This sewer hose is a “universal fit” so if you need additional 10 ft segments (recommended to have a total of 30 ft “just incase”) – they will easily connect to what you’re getting here. This is NOT their least expensive hose, however from experience, its worth the extra few bucks to get this model.
Clear (see-thru) section for sewer hose – read below for “why”

Clear Sewer Hose Adapter

This “see thru” connection to your sewer hose system connects at the sewer pipe. It allows you to insure that things are “flowing” and you can see when your black tank is REALLY clean if your RV has a black tank flush! Simple and invaluable.

Valterra Sewer Pipe Cutoff

Valterra Sewer Valve

“Because it will” – Yes, your black & grey valves WILL likely leak at some point – and there is nothing more GROSS than removing your sewer cap and having THAT liquid flow out when you’re not expecting it. This tool INSURES you receive NO surprises when you remove your sewer cap! It truly is money well spent. Just twist it onto your sewer pipe, leave it there, and ONLY open it AFTER you’ve connected the sewer hose at your campsite.

Sewer Caddy

Sewer Caddy Link

A sewer hose caddy is nice to keep your sewer hose off the ground and more importantly to insure that things “flow downhill”. If your hose is on the ground and the RV Parks sewer cap is elevated a few inches (this is common), without a sewer caddy, you’ll find that certain “things” don’t want to flow uphill – YUCH!

RV Digest-It (BEST Tank Treatment for BOTH grey AND black water tanks!)

RV Digest-It Link

Clicking the image above leads to the 32 oz. bottle, IF available, the 128 oz. jug is a “best buy”. With a full gallon of RV Digest It, you’re looking at 64 tank loads! Simply put, this stuff works and its about as economical a solution as you’ll find. AND – its environmentally friendly.

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