Thunderstorms? Campground electric? YOU need an RV Surge Protector!

It HAD to happen eventually. Yes, “it” – a power surge. And when it did, I was darn glad I had a

RV Surge Protector

Here is my story…

The aftermath? Lets just say – yes there was damage and the RV repair guy in the area was “on call”!

When I did my research looking for an rv surge protector, as usual, I was searching for the “right tool” to complete the task – at the best price. What I found was a wide disparity in pricing – some devices were under $100, while others were nearly $500.

My choice for an rv surge protector centered around selecting a unit that would give me useful information (see info about the display), had a strong warranty (the unit I selected has a LIFETIME guarantee)… you can’t beat that! And… solid reviews. Again “check” for the Progressive Industries RV Surge Protector.

I encourage you to do your own research, however for your convenience, I have posted below buttons that will enable you to review two units – one for a 50A (what I needed) and one for a 30A surge protector.

The 30A version of this model is here…

Only you can determine whether you really need a unit like the ones illustrated above. When it comes to an rv surge protector, if you are on the road for just a few days or weeks each year, you may wish to explore Amazon (or any merchant) to find less expensive units. When I did my research, knowing what was inside my RV and that I was going to live in it full time, it only made sense to go “all out”. (The buttons above lead to Amazon pages, and yes, in the interest of full disclosure, I do receive a small commission for purchases made through my Amazon links.)

rv surge protector
An RV Surge Protector will prevent LOTS of heartache!
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2 thoughts on “Thunderstorms? Campground electric? YOU need an RV Surge Protector!”

  1. We recently purchased a one-year old coach with a progressive surge protector installed in it. Most of the appliances and items in the coach were still under warranty and EVERYBODY else extended the warranty on their particular features. But when we called progressive, they refused to extend their lifetime warranty to us even though the unit was practically new. However, they are willing to sell us any parts we may need in the future. We were very disappointed in them for taking that stance.

    • Kate, we all know some companies bend for a customer, others have policies that they stick by. I don’t see how you can hold it against progressive for sticking to the original terms and conditions of their sale of their product to the original customer. Sorry, but I don’t see your argument in this instance. If you get an extended service contract (I can help with this), you’ll have protection in the highly unlikely event that your surge protector fails. You will, of course, also be protected for the myriad of other issues that can (and do) arise in a RV. Be prepared for it as RV’s are like boats… there is ALWAYS something to fix! Good luck to you and enjoy the experience. Al


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