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Campground hosting can be a great way to stay in paradise longer than you normally would be allowed…

That is what motivated me as I knew in Colorado (as in most states), your campground visit is limited to 2 weeks – and I *knew* that Steamboat Lake and the surrounding region was going to require more… MUCH more of my attention! 

In my brief video below, I detail various aspects of what it means to be a campground host, along with factors I considered before engaging for the summer. All told, I served from May 2 (when there was STILL enough snow on the ground to cross-country ski for a few more days!) until September 8 when the leaves were showing definite signs of change.

So… as you can see, hosting can help you to control the rate at which you’re “burning” money (consider a month’s stay as saving about 600. in campground fees) – both by having your site for free, and by being out of town, I limited my visits to town once per week – so, my credit card thanked me as well! 

The added advantage, of course, was to avail oneself of all the hiking, wilderness, kayaking, biking, and over all relaxing activities available in or near the park you are hosting for.

If you want more information on campground hosting or on the Colorado State Park system, I’ll try to be as helpful as I can be! My direct number is 1-561-676-1205 and my skype is alan.sills

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4 thoughts on “Campground Hosting”

  1. hello i am going to host for the season at st boat lake how was it for you i don,t have a lot of money to spend i liked the fact that you came to town once a week that is my plan as well lay low so i may return to moab ut for th e winter and car camp in my van and store the trailer

    • Joe,

      Thanks for reaching out. Yes, once a week will do it for town; I purchased a cooler to insure my groceries made it “home” without spoiling – it DOES get hot – especially in town for much of the summer. The park is beautiful; get to know Karl at the marina, he is a good guy. I did some kayaking while there. Do you know where they are going to station you? Al

    • Hi Craig,

      I’m not sure that the post is complete, but I switched it from “private” to “unlisted” so you *should* be able to view it now. I welcome your input after viewing! Al


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