Reflecting Upon the “Man in the Moon”

One of the things I MOST LIKE about full timing in an RV is…

the ability to hear about an event – one that you expect to be transformational, and then arrange your schedule to attend that event – and still be in one of the most beautiful parks in America all summer! You see, when I learned about Man in the Moon and the fact that it would occur on July 4 in Salt Lake City, I was able to arrange my plans to stay in Western Colorado where I am camp hosting this summer (my first time doing that!) and I knew “SLC” would only be a few hour drive (out here everything is a few hours away!)

I am doing the same as we head into the future – and I track events I wish to be at.

In this case, I am speaking about Man in the Moon – a Glenn Beck event and production. Yes, THAT Glenn Beck, and I know he is a bit of a lightning rod, BUT if you read/watch/listen to what follows, you’ll find that the event had little to do with him, and much to do with topics that are relevant to us all. In fact, I am willing to bet, one that will impact millions before the message of the “Man in the Moon” runs its course!

Man in the Moon was a gathering – a gathering of mostly Americans who have an intense love for their country. A gathering where information was shared AND a message that well, frankly all humans need to hear.

As you review my videos and thoughts, you’ll experience some things that will inspire you, disturb you, and more…

With these thoughts, allow me to introduce you to Man in the Moon with my words here…

It begins… its 7am on Day 1 and I found a few folks gracious enough to share their expectations…

Rabbi Daniel Lapin – on Movement and the Journey…

The Rabbi ends in this video with “Marriage, Manners, and Money”.

Rabbi Lapin audio   (click to download this .wav file – it will then play in itunes – this file is the balance of the Rabbi’s talk)

Following the Rabbi’s talk… I interviewed these folks – you have to hear their thoughts on Manners, Marriage, and Money…

(Take note of John’s comments.)

And now a view of Glenn Beck you may have never seen AND an introduction to David Barton – one of our nations most preeminent historians


Did you catch what David’s point was about living in poverty in America?

What do we REALLY mean by “American Exceptionalism”?

david_barton <— click here to hear the balance of David’s Man in the Moon talk – it will download and play in iTunes – be sure to hear about the 1808 Abortion debate

In closing out this post (and yes, MORE are being prepared as we speak!), I’d like to share the thoughts of two young people who were there – and – I had the privilege of speaking with them immediately following David Barton’s talk… (i believe you’ll find these two young folks most inspiring!)

Were their thoughts “on target”?

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