Thinking of purchasing a new RV Camper in 2021? Thoughts and insights from a fellow traveler who has his thumb on the pulse of the RV industry…

2021 arrives after unprecedented action in the RV sales world in 2020 – a buying frenzy and new camper shortages. Now as we enter 2021, manufacturers are back “online” and producing, but is everything returning to normal? Read on…

RV Life in the Idaho Mountains

Let’s get caught up since my most recent RV lifestyle update… Greetings from McCall, Idaho! Its been a few weeks since my last post – it always seems to happen to me in the summer, I get caught up with things and get less efficient in the HEAT! This is why I’ve situated for the … Read more

WHERE to buy an RV … and WHAT to look for

how to buy a rv

Does it Matter WHERE you buy your new (or used) RV?  and… What you SHOULD look for when evaluating that rig! Part 4 of a 5 part series. Part 1 is HERE. I learned some interesting facts when I first got into RV consulting in the Spring of 2015. I saw people who lived in … Read more


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