High Fuel Costs for RV Travelers – INFURIATING when you hear this…

I’m a full time RV’er. I’ve been living and traveling in a 5th wheel for 10+ years now since November 2011. I love the RV lifestyle and truly appreciate having been able to travel across our amazing continent, mostly our nation and Canada for much of these past 10 years.

Well before I “identify” as a full time traveler, I identify as a Patriot. I truly appreciate our *amazing* nation, and have read and explored much about its history from authors who researched “original text and writings” and understand deeply with true appreciation the amazing men and women from the 1600’s on that helped create what is clearly the most exceptional nation ever seen on the face of this planet.

Its because of my love for our nation, I feel compelled to make this post today. I truly appreciate living on a continent where FREEDOM has been held in high regard since our founding. As an RV traveler, I have had the privilege of seeing much of our nation and meeting my fellow citizens who share similar values. Ideally, I plan to continue my travels, but they are now being threatened.

Before I go further, if interested, this is the video I shared on you tube for those who find me there. I kept it brief and by necessity on you tube cryptic! It also gives you a quick update on what I’m doing these days AND some “coming attractions”…

Freedom at risk…

I post this message today as I see seditious, treasonous traitors (those whom some refer to as the current “leaders” of our nation) destroying our land and our people, and… it infuriates me.

I’d like to share the following video, created by Tucker Carlson on July 7. I believe he encapsulates the entire fuel crisis that has been engineered by certain individuals “leading” our nation, and is having a devastating impact upon many Americans, including (or especially) RV’ers who use lots of fuel to travel.

FYI, I trust Tucker Carlson (NOT Fox in general), his piece below is well researched and loaded with facts and information you’re unlikely to hear on MSLSD or the Cartoon News Network (or even elsewhere on Fox.)

My take…

Many Americans are hurting – from MANY issues we currently face (and have been subjected to since Spring 2020), but I’d bet the most immediate is the criminal escalation in fuel costs AND food (part of which is due to rising cost of delivery.) As an RV’er, I drive a vehicle that isn’t fuel efficient and is far less efficient when I’m pulling my 5th wheel.

Most RV’ers with anything larger than a small diesel motorhome can expect between 7 – 12 miles per gallon when traveling. At $5+ per gallon ($6? $7?…) for gasoline or diesel, WE are losing ground QUICKLY. Many Americans, especially older retired Americans on fixed incomes are depleting their financial resources, wracking up massive credit card debt (at high interest rates) and are now beginning to default on those payments.

These are NOT the prices where I am (yet), but how soon before these prices bankrupt us all? (Image courtesy of Getty images)

Soon, very soon, many Americans will have to accept a MUCH lower standard of living than they’ve worked their entire lives to earn. Cheap energy is something that enabled this country to become what it was (up until about 18 months ago) – since then… well, I think I made my point about the current regime earlier.

I would have no problem paying more for energy IF this “crisis” was not engineered. AND… Yes, eventually we WILL run out of oil, and YES, we need alternative fuels that are ideally more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels, BUT that technology frankly does NOT yet exist. Simply put, solar and wind are NOT the answer! They are low density energy sources and will NEVER be able to replace gasoline and diesel which are very HIGH density energy sources. In other words, it takes a LOT of solar panels to collect the amount of energy in just 1 gallon of gasoline.

Perhaps hydrogen or nuclear fusion is the answer and IF the government were serious about finding alternative energies to replace oil – which IS a finite resource, they’d promote research and development in those areas instead of printing money and sending it overseas – ignoring the admonitions of our Founders to stay OUT of foreign entanglements.

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The following is a video from an independent media guy. His name is Mike Adams. I like him, I respect him, and 99% of the time I agree with him. He too is a patriot. Although I’ve never met him, I regard him as a kindred soul. In his video below, he takes the issue a bit further than Tucker and spells out in no uncertain terms what we’re facing as a nation AND what we need to do about it. This is a VERY important video for ALL to see (and share!)

Got thoughts on this? I’ve LOVE to hear them – you can post below. I would particularly like to hear from folks who are hearing this info for the first time – and your reaction(s) to it. You can also join my newsletter to be informed of new posts as I generate them.

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14 thoughts on “High Fuel Costs for RV Travelers – INFURIATING when you hear this…”

  1. Gee, it looks like Mike Adams was wrong. It is now 10 weeks later and we have NOT run out of diesel. In fact, diesel now costs less. I guess if you were hoarding diesel based on this video, you are going to take a loss. Oh well!

    • Norman,

      Thank you for your sarcastic and critical remarks. I believe (if I recall) Mike was talking about diesel engine oil running out. If so, IT IS. I purchased enough oil for 2 oil changes a few weeks back and the stores were nearly depleted of DIESEL engine oil. DEF is also way up in price (60%) and as to diesel costs, yep, we’re down about 20 cents so its only about TWO DOLLARS per gallon MORE than it should be. But… thank you for your BRILLIANT contribution.


  2. Hey Al, Great videos and I do love Tucker’s take on things that we should ALL be talking about before the Mid Term elections. I am not sure I am in line with all that that Mike Adams shared but time will tell! God help this country before it is totally destroyed for our children and grandchildren sake!!

  3. You are dead-on correct. The American people are being played and we are standing at the brink of total annihilation of the America we have had all this time. Wake up people before it’s too late.

  4. Agree with you completely. If you have not, read “The Dying Citizen” by Victor Davis Hanson. He outlines the seven areas through which our wonderful country may soon cease to exist as we know it.

    • Larry,

      We can only hope that there are enough Patriots remaining in our nation to save it. My fear is that civil unrest – a likely outcome of individuals facing financial collapse – will lead to marshall law and a suspension of (whats left of) the Constitution. I believe the timeline is short at many Americans are now living (literally) on borrowed credit (otherwise known as increasing debt – often at 20% interest OR MORE) and that can only sustain them for a brief time.


  5. Alan,
    You are a good guy, but you are being misinformed. Even Trump admitted that Biden beat him in the election. The rest of the stuff you are listening to should be carefully examined as to accuracy and content.
    Do you personally think the election was stolen? I went and worked at the polls because Trump claimed the 2016 election was rigged. The processes and checks in place at the polling place would be the envy of any nation as to it’s accuracy and legitimacy. I KNOW THE 2020 ELECTION WAS LEGITIMATE AND AS CLEAN AS ANY CITIZEN COULD HOPE FOR. Does Donald Trump lie? Does a duck have lips? You are being bamboozeled and you should know better – as I recollect you are a professional engineer in a past life.
    Do you personally think that Jan. 6, 2021 was staged by people other that Trump and his minions?? Alan,
    you are doing fine in your blog – but don’t inject politics (I don’t care if you are a conservative) – especially guys like Tucker Carlson or his buddy Mike what’s his name. Good luck in your endeavors, but please don’t go off the deep end. This nation is DOOMED if the two sides don’t start talking to each other again.

    • Michael,

      There is NO DOUBT the 2020 election was stolen and evidence is EVERYWHERE to support that FACT. As to Jan 6, if you buy into the nonsense being pushed by the ridiculous congressional committee with cheney on it and the blabbering for the lamestream media, I can’t help you. If you wish to refute anything stated by Tucker or Mike “whats his name” (Adams), I’m all ears.

      You want to debate FACTS, sure, I’ll be glad to hear it. I stand by the videos I chose to share in this post and the information within. And to your point of communication, YES, Americans need to communicate, but as a scientist/engineer, I know its important to establish the FACTS first. And, Michael my friend, the FACTS are on my side.

      Oh, and as to Trump admitting defeat to the alzheimers patient, I’d love to hear UNEDITED video of that admission. The liberals seem to forget we have recorded video of all these events – including the REAL ongoings during Jan 6, and again – when you look at what really went on, it doesn’t line up with the “mslsd and cnn” fantasies. Oh, and my post wasn’t even about Trumps election or Jan 6, so why are we even discussing it?? It IS about the wanton destruction of our economy & society – a deliberate and calculated act that we’re living through as food and fuel prices soar to unsustainable levels. (And for the average American, they’re already at their breaking point.)

    • Trump NEVER admitted any such thing and NEVER conceded the election. Ever watch one of his rallies? I doubt it. Now CISA is admitting that voting machines are hackable and before that the Democrats lead by Kamala Harris were raising the issue of machines being hacked. “2000 mules” also did a great job showing ballot box stuffing and more is coming from True The Vote. How about the thousands of affidavits signed under penalty of perjury stating they saw election night fraud or the Republican poll watchers being forced out and windows covered up so they could not do their job? One of the best is the video in Georgia when the poll watchers were told to leave and then more ballots were pulled out from under a table and ran repeatedly though tine and time again! You have been watching far too much CNN and MSNBC. Wake up! But, I know without a doubt you won’t do any research of your own because you are thoroughly brainwashed.


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