3 “Core” Tips for selecting the right RV Insurance policy

Choosing the RIGHT RV Insurance – and the right options can make a BIG DIFFERENCE when it comes to a situation where you need support RIGHT NOW…

3 Core Tips for selecting the right RV Insurance policy



  • Add “Coachnet” (or any rider that insures you have somewhere to stay IF you can’t live in your RV for a period of time. In my case, I was “treated” to a 10 day “vacation” while my RV was being repaired – and – when repairs took longer than anticipated, my claims agent was quick to approve additional time
  • Look into the claims department. When I had my “events”, it was IMPORTANT to me to be able to choose the repair shop (I relied upon input from Crossroads – the manufacturer along with input from other local sources.
  • Be sure that if the worst happens and you have to replace your RV, you’ve got the coverage to pay for a replacement unit at full value – NOT the depreciated value of your “x” year old home!
rv insurance
I learned about the importance of RV Insurance when a blow-out caused over $3000. damage to my slide out!

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26 thoughts on “3 “Core” Tips for selecting the right RV Insurance policy”

  1. Hi Alan, very helpful post here. Thank you. Do you know if Progressive covers flood/fire damage? Do you still have coach net even though Progressive does offer some hotel coverage? I talked to a Rep that seemed very uninformed. Seems like coverage for hotel is only if it’s a collision 50 or 100 miles from “home”, but our RV is our home. Thoughts? Thanks.

    • Kaylee,

      Thanks for your kind words. I have coachnet as its for emergency road service AND covers hotel fees. I can’t speak to what Progressive will offer you as their offers vary from time to time and place to place. Call a rep who knows what they’re doing! If you are residing in SD, I can point you to one who WILL know. Al

  2. That Explorer RV link doesn’t work.
    I got the following error message:

    404 – File or directory not found.
    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

  3. Having difficulty finding “work insurance”. Basically I work 16 hour days and due to my commute have to get a couple winks in my RV before the next shift. No way I can commute in three hour traffic, sleep and be back to work.
    I’m neither a full time RV’r nor is it my second home.
    Nobody seems interested in insuring this middle ground. What blows my mind is the RV is on prison grounds which had been approved. Not a construction site. So to say it’s safe is an understatement. There’s a whole lot of us sleeping between shifts.
    Any help is appreciated.

    • full timer rv insurers do not ask where you’re taking it – and it does not cost much more than part timer insurance; i’d simply get full timer insurance. For a 5th wheel, its about $1000/year. I suggest you contact Progressive or Geico. Al

    • hmmm… I appreciate your thinking that I could solve your issue where an attorney can’t – but, he’s being paid to solve your problem, if he can’t, get a different attorney! al

  4. I need some information about a Florida law that says if an axle goes under saltwater in a hurricane then the vehicle is a total loss. We are dealing with progressive insurance and they want to repair our 5th wheel and we want it totaled . We have it insured for what we purchased it for. It was in Irma we were only 10 miles from the center of the storm and were flooded from the storm surge. I hope you can give me anything to help me out. Thanks, Michelle

    • Michelle, if you want to go up against an insurance company and need to know the law… you need an attorney! thats the best advice I can provide. Now that said, if you’ve found the law you refer to, have you shown that info to Progressive Insurance? If so, and they still balk at totaling it, you could contact the Florida state insurance commission.

  5. After more research …looks like there is no answer. None of them are built very well..the ones I thought would be the best was air stream and winnabago but there are alot of complaints on those as well…thanks anyway

  6. Ok so diesel engine are the sprinters right? So what diesel north american trucks pull the class C? You reminded me when you said insurance for up to weeks without your rv. I want an engine with parts that will be in stock and can be a quicker fix.

      • I want a small class C. So diesel, ford, or ram? When it breaks down I would rather have something everyone can fix in relatively short time. When you spoke of insurance covering a hotel up to a few weeks..it made me curious which engine could take that long to fix. So there’s class C’s with the diesel engine or there’s the ford/ram engine. Also, could you tell me which class C you think would be the best 4 season. Thank you, sorry for the confusion. Shelly

  7. Hi Alan; Love your videos and the subjects you cover even though I am a full time Motorhome person. Wish you would do some of your articles in the old print style as all these videos eat up my 18 GB of Vorizon service.
    Maybe someday we will meet up but not in the winter in Idaho (we lived in Hayden for 12 years.) and not in Death Valley in the summer. Ha.


    • Rich, thanks for the insights, feedback, and thoughts. You should be able to set your browser to NOT autoplay videos so my posts won’t eat up your bandwidth by simply loading the page. Now… as to watching the videos, there may be a “low resolution” setting of the youtube videos – i’m not sure – that you can set at your end. Lastly, use wifi to watch videos so you don’t burn through your verizon data. Al

  8. THANK YOU Alan Sills for directing me toward Explorer RV Insurance Agency!

    I finally bought my first RV – 2007 Pleasure Way Lexor TS.

    Before the dealer would release the vehicle – I financed it -I had to get it insured.
    I called Allstate which I currently have my SUV insured with . They were quick to add the vehicle to my existing policy and sent through whats called a binder to the dealer whom then released the vehicle.

    On my way back home to Florida – I collected it up in Philadelphia – I saw Twin Peaks RV insurance advertised on the side of another vehicle.
    This triggered me to start thinking if I had the right insurance and also reminded me that you had posted VALUABLE information in this regard.

    When I got back home I called Allstate for the finer details of my policy , Twin Peaks and Explorer RV , for quotes.

    Allstate did NOT have me insured for what I payed for the vehicle!- They do not offer this. Should the vehicle be destroyed an adjuster will look at comparables to see what the vehicle would be worth at the time which mean I could end up owing the Bank thousands of dollars!
    With all the rest of the offerings …Allstate could give me the same however my policy would be $1600 a year.

    Twin Peaks came in at $859.02 a year….with NO mention of whats called “Purchase Price Guarantee” .

    Explore RV came in at $702 a year …under my current Florida zip code.
    If I register the RV at my second home in Arkansas zip code, they will lower my policy to $479 a year .

    I have everything covered including $750 should I have to be put up in a hotel or rent a car – I can only get the higher amounts of $1500 or more if I was a full time RV’er which Im not.

    What a pleasure it was dealing with Laura Mammone at Explorer RV Insurance Agency.
    She was the one that made me aware of “Purchase Price Guarantee”.

    I’m sure there are a LOT of RV’ers out there that may have no idea of this very important coverage clause …especially if an RV is financed over 15 years …or any amount of time as a matter of fact!

    Another plus was I was able to pay them using a credit card with NO extra charges for the fee’s they incur. Allsate charge me 5% more for using a credit card.

    Once again , Thank you .

    Marlon K

    • I’m glad to hear it is all working out. They are a solid company and I found out how solid when I really needed them.

  9. Hi Al!

    Thanks so much for your insights into what makes for a good RV insurance policy and for letting us know about Explorer RV Insurance. They’re a smaller company so we may never have heard of them if it weren’t for your article, and we’re definitely interested in looking them up.

    Dependable insurance is so important to me and my husband, since we’ll be living full time in our RV. So thanks for the lead and we’ll be sure to use your name if we buy this brand of insurance for our own RV!

    Do you know if their policies meet these other RV insurance points as well? http://www.rvlivinonline.com/#!best-rv-insurance-check-list/c1lee


    • Dona,

      Thanks for your kind words. They have all the necessary riders and options available for the rv’er. I looked at the link you shared, and yes, I believe everything on their list is offered (including a few things I specifically mentioned in my post.) Let me know how it works out if you contact them for a quote.



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