How to get a Good Nights Sleep in your RV…

Live in an RV – even for a few nights out of the year?

Wondering how to get a good nights sleep?

I did too! 

Here is my story (originally written in 2013)…

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I bought my first “5’er” (fifth wheel) in December 2011- one I have lived in full time since my purchase. I quickly discovered while it had great cabinetry, living room furniture, and overall excellent construction (even a fireplace!), there was one GLARING area in need of improvement – the mattress! Yup, my Crossroads Seville – like most (if not all) RV’s came with a really “basic” mattress – one that left me tossing and turning all night long and wakening with lower back pain; and NOT feeling refreshed. 

My Habitat bed in its FIRST bedroom – it then traveled with me to my current Outdoors RV Glacier Peak

Wondering how to get a good nights sleep in my RV – on a RV Mattress

led me to a search – one that took entirely too long to solve, but in the end… it was worth the time and effort to find a solution.

I had heard about the benefits of air mattress and the solution seemed reasonable for an RV (since weight is a factor), but, in my research on the #1 air mattress company (the sleep number guys), I heard some things that concerned me – I was also not thrilled at the cost of their mattress, AND reports about their quality control.

Further research on air mattresses led me to a real solution

My solution involved the purchase of a Habitat Furnishings Ascend air mattress. (Click link to go to their page – BUT – be sure to read on – you won’t want to miss what I share in the coming paragraphs – especially how to SAVE on what you order.)

air mattress
Habitat Furnishings is the company I chose for my new air mattress. I’m glad I did! Read on for a DISCOUNT CODE to apply to your purchase…

After ordering my new air mattress, I anxiously awaited its arrival! It arrived within a couple of weeks. The box was large, but each component was reasonably easy to remove and transfer into my RV.

As I built the mattress, I created a series of photos. My photos below show the ease of assembling this air mattress.

All in all, it assembly of my new air mattress took well UNDER 1 hour and I did this alone, in the limited space of my RV bedroom. You also need to know that due to back and neck issues, I have limited strength and flexibility – and was yet able to get this queen size mattress built EASILY alone. (My neck and back issues were also a MAJOR motivation to act on purchasing a new mattress!)

A few photos highlighting the assembly process and components to the Habitat Furnishings Ascend Mattress

Air Chambers resting on the base of the mattress
air chambers filled
Air Chambers filled
Laytex and Memory Foam layers resting on air chambers
individual chamber air pressure controllers
Individual air chamber pressure controllers
the pump
“the pump” – incredibly reliable!

Now… there are three important points I need you to know

  • I would NEVER create an article on a mattress like this UNLESS I truly believed in the product (It was after my FIRST night on my new Habitat Ascend mattress that I stopped wondering how to get a good nights sleep in my RV!) I now awake REFRESHED and find my days are FAR more productive than prior to sleeping on my new air mattress. 
  • I want to encourage you to contact me to discover what I learned when I spent time researching this mattress. Specifically, I was concerned about weight as I have a hinged storage area under the mattress and I did not want to lose access to that area.
  • You can place your order by phone with Habitat Furnishings –  800-872-1010 or ONLINE, Mon. – Fri. 9am to 5pm, EST – BUT… FIRST email me ( and I will provide you with a discount code that will save you on this very important purchase.

November 2023 UPDATE…

The Habitat Furnishings Ascend mattress has most definitely stood the test of time. Unlike most mattresses, which would be sagging after a decade of continuous use, the air chambers don’t wear, and should anything need replacement, since the bed is “modular”, individual parts (air chambers, pump, laytex or memory foam layers) can be replaced and the company maintains a full inventory for our needs.

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  1. My parents want to get an RV this fall. They want to use it to travel across the country to visit their kids and grandchildren. It is nice to know that they will need to consider researching what type of mattress they can get in the RV. It would be nice if they can get a good amount of support when sleeping in the RV.


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