How to get a Good Nights Sleep in your RV…

Live in an RV – even for a few nights out of the year?

Wondering how to get a good nights sleep in your RV Camper?

I did too! 

This is a story over 10 years and 2 campers in the making. Let’s start here – most RV beds (mattresses) could be better. Fair enough?

I was no exception. Shortly after purchasing my first 5th wheel, I decided a new mattress was sorely needed (literally!)

How important is a good nights sleep?

We spend about 1/3rd of our lives sleeping. The quality of our sleep impacts how well we function during our awake time. Good sleep ideally leads a productive, fulfilling life. So, when it came to a mattress, I did my research and didn’t worry (too much) about the cost.

2013: My search for a QUALITY and FUNCTIONAL mattress for my fifth wheel RV camper

My first and current 5th wheel campers were/are designed for full queen (80×60) mattresses. Quality speaks for itself, but functional? To me a “functional” mattress for an RV is one that is light enough to still lift the cover beneath it as many RV’s have a storage box under the mattress. Functional to me also means the ideal mattress can serve well in a wide range of temperatures.

For example, years ago I owned a Tempurpedic. At some temperatures these mattresses are extremely comfortable, however on very warm nights, I found it did not “breathe” well and on cold nights, it was quite hard.

Zeroing in on an Air Mattress

My search led me to an air mattress for my RV camper. In this category, there is a clear leader (at least THEY claim that), but even though they’re the “name brand” for air mattresses (something about “numbers”!), I found reviews on their mattresses to be far less than stellar.

My search led me to a company now known as Habitat Furnishings (stay tuned – there’s a discount code coming!) Habitat Furnishings is actually the original manufacturer of my air bed. At that time, in 2013, my purchase was made through a retailer who is no longer in business. After the retailer failed, Habitat Furnishings continued to manufacture air beds and now markets them directly to the public.

I’ve owned my Habitat Furnishings Air Bed now for nearly 11 years.

Am I satisfied? YOU BET! At a time (10+ years) where many mattress owners are thinking about replacing theirs, mine is going strong and I see no need to replace it anytime soon.

My Ascend air bed was comfortable the first night I slept on it, and it continues to be comfortable EVERY night I sleep on it. Honestly, I’d rate it a 10 out of 10.

Over 10+ years, have I had ANY issues with my Habitat Furnishings mattress?

Recently, one (of the two) air chambers began to lose air. I called Habitat Furnishings and was quickly directed to the business owner. Even though I had not purchased my air bed directly from him, the owner was VERY patient with me and VERY helpful in resolving the issue.

Long story short, the valve that fits onto the pump has tubing (that leads to each air chamber) glued to the valve. The owner mailed me (at no cost to me) a replacement valve along with adhesive and instructions for how to proceed.

A few minutes later, I installed and glued the new valve to the original tubing, gave it several hours to “set”, and then pressured up the air chamber. It held! So, after 10+ years of ownership, my total maintenance cost is $0. and I honestly have an air bed that is as good today as it was the day I purchased it in early 2013.

Incidentally, had I needed to replace my air chambers, replacement parts are available for virtually every aspect of the air bed, and at a reasonable fee.

Interested in an Ascend Air Bed for YOUR RV camper?

Know that they offer a number of mattress sizes, be sure to select one that will fit your RV. Know also that since they’re factory direct, their prices are about the same as what I paid over 10 years ago! Remember, I went through a “middle-man” at that time. Buying factory direct gets you the best possible price – except – if you’re a reader of RV Across America (.net), apply this code ******* and you’ll save an additional $**** (stay tuned!!)

note to my readers: If you run across this page, I’m currently updating it. If you’re in the market for a mattress, contact me, I’ll get you with the company that currently makes the mattress I STILL have and enjoy.

My Habitat bed in its FIRST bedroom – it then traveled with me to my current Outdoors RV Glacier Peak 5th wheel

air mattress
Habitat Furnishings is the company I chose for my new air mattress. I’m glad I did! Read on for a DISCOUNT CODE to apply to your purchase…

After ordering my new air mattress, I anxiously awaited its arrival! It arrived within a couple of weeks. The box was large, but each component was reasonably easy to remove and transfer into my RV.

As I built the mattress, I created a series of photos. My photos below show the ease of assembling this air mattress.

All in all, it assembly of my new air mattress took well UNDER 1 hour and I did this alone, in the limited space of my RV bedroom. You also need to know that due to back and neck issues, I have limited strength and flexibility – and was yet able to get this queen size mattress built EASILY alone. (My neck and back issues were also a MAJOR motivation to act on purchasing a new mattress!)

A few photos highlighting the assembly process and components to the Habitat Furnishings Ascend Mattress

Air Chambers resting on the base of the mattress
air chambers filled
Air Chambers filled
Laytex and Memory Foam layers resting on air chambers
individual chamber air pressure controllers
Individual air chamber pressure controllers
the pump
“the pump” – incredibly reliable!

Now… there are three important points I need you to know

  • I would NEVER create an article on a mattress like this UNLESS I truly believed in the product (It was after my FIRST night on my new Habitat Furnishings Ascend mattress that I stopped wondering how to get a good nights sleep in my RV!) I now awake REFRESHED and find my days are FAR more productive than prior to sleeping on my new air mattress. 
  • I want to encourage you to contact me to discover what I learned when I spent time researching this mattress. Specifically, I was concerned about weight as I have a hinged storage area under the mattress and I did not want to lose access to that area.
  • (PENDING) You can place your order by phone with Habitat Furnishings –  800-872-1010 or ONLINE, Mon. – Fri. 9am to 5pm, EST – BUT… FIRST email me ( and I will provide you with a discount code that will save you on this very important purchase.

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  1. My parents want to get an RV this fall. They want to use it to travel across the country to visit their kids and grandchildren. It is nice to know that they will need to consider researching what type of mattress they can get in the RV. It would be nice if they can get a good amount of support when sleeping in the RV.


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