Welcome to the “Belly of the Beast”

I’m in Las Vegas for the week – for a FreedomFest Conference

I saw tourists LINED UP about 50 deep to take a picture in front of this (stupid) iconic sign!

Getting the RV in through I-15 and 515 was a challenge as its always fun to take a 35 foot trailer through city traffic! But… I made it to “Kings Row RV Park” (very reasonable rates and decent (and safe) location) without incident.

So… here I am – here for FreedomFest, a libertarian conference where I hope to see the synergy between the fulltime RV lifestyle and the ideals of libertarianism – which to me mean freedom and independence.

I mentioned in my video above, I’m looking for thoughts from you regarding issues that we (full-time travelers) face on a national level. Feel free to communicate with me in the space below – or – on my youtube channel. I will be reviewing both frequently as I attend and “cover” this conference in order to bring it to YOU.


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6 thoughts on “Welcome to the “Belly of the Beast””

  1. Alan. The government needs to take care of us. We should rely on the government for our welfare and hand in all of our guns so nobody will get shot needlessly. Ha, ha, Alan. Just kidding. Coming from Alaska, we have a large Libertarian population. I am interested in what you learn in your conference. I carry a shotgun and a hand gun while traveling. Other than crossing into Canada, I do not advertise what or where I carry my guns.

    • John,

      Thanks for reaching out. I’ll make posts as I learn more. My initial thoughts are certainly I want our federal gov’t to be as small as possible – but as I mentioned in my video, we do have some national issues that the government needs to address (largely through deregulation!) I must inquire as I’m curious – when crossing from the lower 48 through Canada to Alaska, are you allowed to carry your guns?

  2. Hi Alan – Just one comment: Ask questions that strengthen state and Federal laws laws for full time RVers. While I have no prior RV experience, I’m retiring next month and plan to become a full time RV Boondocker.

  3. I tried pulling a horse trailer with living quarters through there once. ONCE! Never again, mine was a 38 footer. Lesson learned was that I don’t have the patience for that! lol


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