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I bet this RV predates any of the RV Repair centers discussed in this post (Courtesy Meeteetse, Wy Museum)

Yup, there IS such a “creature”…

An HONEST RV Repair business and I’d like to share this good news with you now –

So… if you are anywhere near these three towns – you are in good hands when you talk with the service manager

(click the town name to be taken to the RV Repair center I’m recommending) 

Riverton, Wyoming

Albuquerque, NM

Denton/Corinth, Tx

Truth be told, I am the kind of customer who tends to trust UNTIL he is given reason NOT to. This includes any behaviors that suggest the business does not have a good handle on what they are doing. In the case of Riverton RV, this entailed their assessing RV Repairs and then ordering (under warranty) parts and storing them for MONTHS until I was return to have the work completed.

Since my work was to be done outside of the warranty (due to shipping delays), they took the lead in gaining assurance from the manufacturer to insure the warranty on the agreed upon items would be honored. This took extra time and energy on their part to insure all was ‘in order’ and at no time did I have any doubts about the rv repairs being executed thoroughly and properly.

I can say the same for McClains in Denton and Rocky Mountain RV Repair centers in Albuquerque. Even though I was not a customer of any previously, I was treated as “one of their own” and made to feel “safe and welcome.” None tried to take advantage of the situation and do more work than was authorized in advance.

Hey… If YOU have good news about an RV Repair center, please feel free to post below in the reply section! Also, while you’re here… feel free to look around RV Across America. We have information on everything from RV Insurance to how to get a good nights sleep in your RV. Poke around – and please do feel free to comment upon what you find (and like)!

UPDATE – Mobile RV Repair in Casper, Wy – I have a recommendation…


Jake at Outlaw (Mobile) RV Repair is honest, fair, and prompt – what more can you ask for! Oh, he does a great job as well.

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