Forsyth Reservoir – NFS RV Camping at its BEST

RV Camping at its best – National Forest Service (NFS) waterfront RV camping at a pristine reservoir – perfect for kayaking, my nearest neighbor is about 200 yards away, minimal phone signal – enough to listen to “tune-in radio”, and NO FEE for the camping! Yes, I did say FREE!

Sunset at Forsyth Reservoir – inspiring!

Forsyth Reservoir is located about 12 miles North of Loa Utah. Much of the reservoirs perimeter is an NFS camping area and NO FEE is charged! Be warned – there are 8% grades (up and down) to get to this camping area from EITHER direction. You can also access it from I-70 about 30 miles north of the reservoir.

No winds at Forsyth Reservoir – an amazing morning!

Loa Utah is a “metropolis” with a population of LESS than 600 people! Fremont, 4 miles closer has 145 (according to Google.) Loa does however sport their own grocery store (well stocked), a restaurant Marinia’s Cafe (excellent and good prices), a True Value (who can fill 30# propane tanks), and even a gas station with competitive prices!

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View from the 8975 ft. pass on Hwy 72 heading towards Forsyth Reservoir

Loa itself is a gateway to Capitol Reef National Park, which is located 27 miles east on Utah 24. The drive on Utah 24 is winding, but easy for large rigs. Utah 72, which leads to Forsyth Reservoir is quite manageable but as mentioned, there are some steep stretches.

Capitol Reef National Park is easily accessed on Utah 24, in fact there is no entrance gate to the NP as travelers use Utah 24 to get across the state. Hanksville is at the east end of the Capitol Reef stretch, then the highway turns north towards the eastern side of the San Rafale Swell, Goblin State Park, and the town of Green River.

Driving towards Elkhorn – above Forsyth Reservoir – great view – you can even see snowcapped mountains in the distance! (Photo taken July 8)

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As I mentioned in the video, I recently left the region known as “Castle Country” – Huntington/Price/Helper and the amazing natural sites and features surrounding it.

Forsyth Reservoir - FEE FREE NFS RV Camping
Forsyth Reservoir from 2 miles up the road towards the pass

In the coming days, I plan to share video/photo essays about 9 Mile Canyon, The San Rafael Swell, Huntington Canyon, and Joes Valley Reservoir.

I’m also heading to FreedomFest (@TheFreedomFest) – where I’ll be attending (in part) to interview some of the presenters and speakers and share what I learn. FreedomFest is a libertarian conference held in Vegas. Reflecting upon the fulltime traveler lifestyle – I see much synergy with libertarianism and look forward towards learning more.

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8 thoughts on “Forsyth Reservoir – NFS RV Camping at its BEST”

  1. thanks for the info. Hell yes liberty for all. Ill visit this place this coming summer. Enjoy Liberty fest

  2. Hi Alan!! This is Rachel from Lakeside. We got moved to Echo Island RV park by Coalville, Ut
    Just wanted to say hi!! Looks like you are having a great time. Loved the informational video!!
    Take care. Drop me an email sometime-

    • Rachel,

      Glad you enjoyed it! How do you like Echo Island. I checked their website, it looks like quite a place. Definitely stay in touch. I’m heading towards Vegas for a FreedomFest conference next week.


      • We like Echo, but we really miss Lakeside.
        Good luck at the FreedomFest.
        I’m hoping to check out Forsyth at some point.
        Take care…

        • Thank you and you’ll enjoy Forsyth. I’m part-way thru day 1 at freedomfest – powerful! Interviewed a representative from AAPS, a woman who is both an MD and an attorney! All about medicare alternatives and little known aspects of medicare – did a 15 minute interview – will post soon. Al


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