RV Lifestyle – Change – and a BIG Personal Announcement…


To me, that is the true nature of the RV Lifestyle

Living in an RV allows you to decide where to live and how long you wish to live there. You get to choose between the best beaches and waterfront resorts our nation has to offer and the majestic mountains, national parks, and (for me at least) ski resorts where you can remain active and outdoors all winter.

As a full time RV’er over the past four winters and summers, I have traveled across much of our nation and explored in depth the intermountain west. One area where I chose to “settle” for the past 3 winters was Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Great skiing, nice folks, and a good town were all strong reasons to return for (now) 3 consecutive ski seasons – but change is coming, read on…

Alan Sills fifth wheel RV lifestyle
My RV just days before I am scheduled to pull out and head to Casper.

With my truck (F250 – a GREAT truck!) and fifth wheel, I have the option to literally drive off to new frontiers as often as I like – and as I write this in Mid-March 2015, I am choosing to exercise this option. In just a few short days, I will be traveling to take on a new challenge in my life – in a new city that I get to explore for a season…

Spring – Summer 2015

First, I am taking a sales position with Stalkups RV in Casper, Wyoming. This will be a new challenge in my life, and a chance to explore a new region, rich in American history. Even though I am new to the “rv sales biz”, I have confidence in my ability to help folks find the right RV for their needs and lifestyle as I have lived in my own “5er” for quite some time now, and in two Class C’s a few years back for three entire summers. As a “full timer”, I am familiar with the RV Lifestyle, and the intricacies of what to look for when purchasing and living in an RV – including spending winters in extreme conditions that require serious preparation to insure you continue to live comfortably and your RV is not damaged from severe cold or heavy snowfall.

If you plan to travel through Casper, Wyoming this summer, please do contact me, and if you have time, lets meet for coffee. If I can be of service in helping you find a new (or used) RV, get yours serviced, or find parts, please do call upon me, and I can assure you, if I don’t have an immediate answer to your needs, I will do the necessary research for you to address any issue you’re facing.

You can click the image below to visit Stalkups RV website. On their page, take note of their new and used inventory tool (red bar) to see what is currently in stock. I want to encourage you to check what we have, and what we can custom order for you. And… even if you are located far from Casper, it may very well be worth your time to consider seeing what we can do for you. I expect to have more to say on this after I physically arrive in Casper and gain greater familiarity with Stalkups. 

stalkups rv
My way of earning a living on the road for summer 2016… and perhaps more summers to come!

I will be sharing discoveries as I make them with you in my Facebook group, RV Lifestyle and how to earn a living on the road and with my Google+ group, RV Across America. You can also look forward towards posts here on RV Across America on a variety of topics from choosing an RV to specific repair issues – again as I network with and learn from the seasoned experts at Stalkups.

Winter 2015 – 2016

I am in the EARLY planning stages for next winter already! The best thing (to me) about RV sales is the fact that it is quite seasonal. When the air begins to cool again and my thoughts turn towards the ski slopes (is there anything else to think of as winter approaches?!), I will likely be heading towards new terrain and leave Steamboat behind.

Where I am going I will keep “under wraps” for now… but I will say this, it will be as exceptional if not more-so than where I  have been since the 2012-13 winter.

Regardless of where I am, I continue to build my “virtual” business online, marketing products I believe in – like Arginine Infusion, and a home based business calledSend Out Cards“. I will likely release a course soon on the topic of online marketing – including how to build and promote websites so that you can successfully get your message out. I recently achieved top ranking for a Steamboat RV Repair company.

Please DO feel free to leave thoughts and comments in the space below – or – back on Facebook…

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5 thoughts on “RV Lifestyle – Change – and a BIG Personal Announcement…”

  1. Hy i live at Europe and travel mutch at Frankrijk,Spanje,Portugal,Marokko,Italie.
    I have a Mercedes Sprinter van La Strada Regent.
    I like your Thor Ace and Vegas the are not so big.
    Only the drive on gas and in europe most rv drive Diesel.
    Do you know off Thor make the ACE on diesel?
    Than i come to vs to by one and travel ad VS Canada Mexico Alaska and after that put him on ship to Rotterdam Nederland.
    Hope to doe a trip on your site .
    Succes with your new yob selling RV.

    Great Michel
    Now at Portugal.

    • Thanks much Michel. Thor is a holding company for many RV’s, most are “towables”, however we have Class C and Class A motorhomes here in USA, some of which run on diesel.

    • Thanks Bob! Hope all is well with you and yours. When you taking a family trip out this way? I plan to be in Wy. all spring / summer, then off to Idaho for next winter – naturally at a world class ski area! And, with your families age… (hint) – RV’ing can be a great way to travel – does Mike still have his? If so, steal it and head out west!


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