RV Life and … Late Winter in Steamboat

 RV Life

allows you to be where you want to be – when you want to be there. For me, that means being in the Colorado Rockies, enjoying WINTER, and skiing nearly every day from late November until Spring arrives.


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Steamboat Springs in late February, early March is often spectacular!


Most days become comfortably mild (20’s – 30’s), and the super cold nights are over and done with.


Spring can bring a “freeze – thaw” cycle, but usually not until March 5th or so. Until then, the powder is soft, easy to ski, and often deep!



Tree skiing – or skiing “off piste” in the glades is among the best in all of North America here in Steamboat


As a ski instructor, I have had the pleasure of meeting MANY fine folks over the past 3 winters, and have had the chance to truly refine and improve my own skills and technique.

You will find articles on this same site that address how to RV in the winter – in locales where temperatures approach -40F – YES, it CAN be done; and YES, it IS worth it – if you like to be outdoors much of the winter, enjoying the crisp, cold, fresh air; and enjoy snow sports (skiing, snow boarding, snow biking, snowmobiling, etc…)



Being above the clouds while still standing on solid ground is quite an experience. Having a lift to take you up thousands of feet from the valley floor is a very relaxing way to get there! 20150227_095229

One of the best things I have learned about skiing the American West (and Canadian Rockies) is the ability to “commune with nature” as you ski in and among the trees. This is something I share with my guests in ski school – well, at least with those who are ready for the challenge, and adventurous enough to do so!

20150227_100417Some trails are quite thickly forested – and  steep! All the more fun for those adventurous enough to venture “off-piste”!


As winter draws to a close, I am actively preparing to make an early departure from Steamboat KOA. I will be traveling to Wyoming for the summer… with plans to announce VERY soon that my fellow RV’ers may find quite interesting. I have been working hard over the past few days to “push the season” and shovel snow away from my 5er so when I try to pull out (around March 23), I will be able to do so!


I want to thank you for allowing me to share this video essay with you. Since I began my “rv life” late in 2011, I have had the opportunity to “winter” in or near major ski centers each of the past 4 winters – 3 of them in Steamboat. At the age of 56, I feel more alive than I have in many years, and frankly healthier. Next winter, I’m very likely to return to ski country, but I may choose a new destination… stay tuned for details on this as well!

Life in an RV in the winter DOES have its challenges – like the night my furnace decided to fail – the same night we dropped to -28F! Best advice: Always have a “back up” plan – in my case, that included 3 space heaters (one is my fireplace).

RV Life also allows you to change your situation as often as you like. In the coming days and weeks, I will be sharing more detail regarding some of the changes I am making for this upcoming Spring/Summer and also for next Winter. I’m excited about these changes, I’m excited to share them with you, and perhaps meet my fellow travelers and readers “along the road” as we travel through this amazing nation of ours!

In the next few days, I’m going to convert some of the above photos into custom greeting cards. Tracking my travels with custom post and greeting cards is something I find fun and rewarding… have a look HERE if you want to see what I am doing and how I’m doing it.


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2 thoughts on “RV Life and … Late Winter in Steamboat”

  1. Great to see your email Alan. I am up to my eyeballs in tax returns right now looking forward to April 18th when we head down to Anastasia Island Campground in St.Augustine.

    I assume from your 561 area code you were originally from the Boca Raton area. Did a 13 year stint in North Miami Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Boynton Beach before moving to the North Georgia mountains in 2005.

    Marilyn and I are on the path to buy a 5th wheel in the 34 foot range and then doing the campground host life at least part of the year. So I really respect your postings and videos which are well made and very instructive.

    Happy trails

    • Ben,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. Don’t remind me about tax returns! I’m waiting (and hoping) that the obamacare penalty is waived for tax filers – so, I will likely file around 6pm on April 14!

      I lived in the WPB area for about 5 1/2 years to care for my dad before he passed late in 2011. I was (and continue to be) NJ “at heart”. I would GREATLY prefer the No. Ga. mountains to So. Florida! In fact, after my dad passed, I was out of Florida in LESS than 1 month!

      I will be in RV sales – starting in about two weeks, so, let me know if I can assist in helping you find the right RV for you and your wife. I will be doing this in Wyoming, but I believe the dealer does business nationwide.

      I will continue to make posts that add value to all RV’ers and since I’ll be in sales, I trust I will be learning quite a bit more, so, I’m glad I have at least one reader!



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