Winter in an RV … WITH … Extreme Cold and Snow


Where? The Central-Northern Rockies at about 7000 ft.

How cold? As low as about -35F can be expected, but locals swear its been to -60F in past winters

How much snow? On average about 200 inches

Why do this? First class skiing, fresh crisp air and spectacular scenery all winter!

It’s started already. Yep, 3 inches fell yesterday and temperatures have remained near freezing all day – and its only November 11th! The short term forecast is calling for more snow and cold – and it looks to be a GREAT start to the ski season!

I’m on my 3rd winter here and yes, I have seen -35F each of the past two winters. Prepping to live in this kind of cold requires some real fore-thought. What follows are some of the preparation steps I engaged in for this winter – and as in past seasons, there will likely be cause to make “on the fly” adjustments as the season proceeds.

This video provides an overview of my preparatory steps – see below for more photos and specific recommendations

Let’s highlight a few specific actions when

Preparing for Winter in an RV

winter in an rv
Note the use of “heat tape” (link below) to run under the sewer hose and keep “things moving” during the winter. Further, the sewer line runs INSIDE the blue-board skirting for much of its length.
spending a winter in an RV
Note the use of a 250 watt heat bulb in a simple fixture, placed near the gravity water tank (far enough from anything to avoid melting!)
winter in an RV
Here is another heat lamp next to the front landing gear – it will “service” the pipes coming from the grey and black tanks AND is positioned right under the battery.
winter in an RV
It’s hard to see, but there is a drop light with a 100 watt bulb near the sewer connection.
winter in an RV
Beginning to place the blue board
winter in an RV
Preparing for Winter in my RV – 3 lamps strategically placed: one near the front landing gear, one “behind” the heated hose (see link below for info on it), and one at the rear end of the trailer

While you’re on Amazon, you may also want to get theclamp lamp with 8.5 inch reflector(as I illustrated above) and the drop light. 

With all this said, I just read tomorrow’s high will be a “balmy” 22F and we will likely see our first sub-zero night right around Nov 16 or 17!

Propane Gas for your RV for the Winter

I mentioned in my video I rent a 120 gallon Propane tank for the winter season. I do this with a company that rents such tanks across the nation. Allow me to provide this contact for you to call should you wish to do the same (regardless of where you are in the USA) – Ferrell Gas is a nationwide company and Jessica assures me you’ll receive outstanding treatment when you call this number – 970 879 1375  – ask for Jessica, and be sure to mention my name (Alan Sills). The first fill is done at a promotional rate (currently 1.89/gallon). I try to minimize my propane use, but I know it is VITAL to keeping the underbelly from freezing up. A thermostat setting of 60 seems to work well when its -10F (on average) outside. Additional heating is done via electric space heaters (I pay 0.08/kwh). I use a Holmes in my bedroom – and recommend it highly. This unit has 2 settings – one for high power (1500w) and on for low power (750w). I often leave it on all day at low to keep the RV “habitable” upon my return!

While you’re here, you may find a post about Earning a Living while you’re “On The Roadto be of value and interest.

In closing – thanks for reading and visiting. Say a prayer for Bill whom I just mentioned above. And please do use my links in this article – I try to provide information of value, and buying through my links helps me to keep up this work.

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7 thoughts on “Winter in an RV … WITH … Extreme Cold and Snow”

  1. What type of bulb do use for having heat lamps under the RV? Having a hard time finding one that says for outdoor use. Great info!!

  2. Great info ! Thanks. On your web sight i see you use heat tape only on the sewer hose.Even in minus or in the teens .Did you later wrap that ? How often did you dump at those temps ? This is my first winter in my rig. I also got great ideas from the fridge video.Thank you again.

    • If you wrap the sewer hose to insulate it, you will likely MELT the sewer hose! (learned from experience!)
      Dumping is not an issue – I live alone so black tank dump maybe 1x/month. Wait for a milder day (they DO happen!)
      Where are you planning to spend the winter? Al

  3. Thanks for the information Alan. This is my first winter in my RV. How do you deal with the moisture in the RV when it is -15. I got caught in North Dakota last month. Even though I have a four season RV, I found moisture condensing and freezing, not on the Thermo Pane windows, but on the frames. I was not skirted at the time as I was getting ready to head out.


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