Winter in the Colorado Rockies while living in my RV

Sometimes I feel like I have to pinch myself to confirm its all really real. 

That “sensation” has occurred a few times in the past week! 

With a TON of early season snow and some “professional development” work at a world-class ski area, the stage was really set for one (or more) “peak” experiences.

Allow me to share with this brief video and then some phenomenal pictures below…

Life in an RV during Winter in the Rocky Mountains

It was Tuesday evening November 18 where I found myself doing something I rarely do. I was packing to leave my “home on the road” for a few days and drive to Summit County, about 2 hours south here in Colorado. I had to find my travel bag and remember the “stuff” I needed when leaving home. My goal? Three days on snow – skiing VERY early in the season, and for two of them facing “PSIA Examiners” (ski instructor examiners) who would either pass or fail me in an important certification I have been working towards.

Wednesday morning arrived, I left around dawn and drove on (mostly) dry roads out of Steamboat and towards I-70. Along the way, I passed high mountain peaks, narrow valleys, small hamlets like Oak Creek where recent snows had not been cleared off the roads (good idea to slow down!) and then… I-70 and Beaver Creek, Vail, and Copper – three world-class ski resorts all in succession!

By staying in the mountains all winter in my RV, my access to all these amazing places is much better than if I were to position near a city.

Click this or any image below to see it full screen

winter in an RV in the Rocky Mountains
Copper Mountain at 12,200 ft. Elevation

It was great to see the snowmaking going at each, and especially at Copper, where I stopped for a morning of skiing (my legs would stand no more than the morning!) Conditions were OUTSTANDING – packed powder surface, and no ice or even “hard pack”! This is truly impressive for mid-November!

Winter in the Rocky Mountains
The “Iconic” view of A-Basin from the base at 10,700 feet.


Thursday and Friday took me to Arapahoe Basin. The skiing continued to be exceptional, especially considering the time of year. Since I was there with the goal of earning a teaching certification (and YES, I passed), there was a bit extra pressure, but it could never take away from the amazing place I was immersed in!

The view from the A-Basin lot looking back towards Keystone and the remainder of Summit County
The view from the A-Basin lot looking back towards Keystone and the remainder of Summit County

I would be remiss if I did not give a BIG thumbs up to the Bivvi Bivouac Hostel (look ’em up through in Breckenridge where I stayed for 2 nights enjoying solid AFFORDABLE accommodations, great breakfasts, great conversations and company, an an inspiring view – see below!

Breckenridge at dawn
Photo taken from the Bivvi Hostel, outside by the hot tub looking towards Breckenridge Peaks 8 and 9 at dawn – read on below to see what I do with this photo!
Breckenridge at sunrise
A view from the Bivvi at sunrise looking the opposite direction of the photo above

Winter is Settling in here in Steamboat…

winter in the rockies in an rv
Yep, snow is piling up at the campground… look at my bicycle! (This morning – another 6 inches has piled on!)
winter in the rockies in an rv
Advance Preparation is the KEY to surviving and ENJOYING winter in the Rockies in an RV
winter in the rockies in an rv
The River that runs through the campground is not yet frozen, but ice and snow are beginning to advance!
winter in the rockies in an rv
Heavy Snow just a few days before Thanksgiving
winter in the rockies in an rv
A break in the storm – one to two FEET of NEW snow already on the mountain – and another one to two feet coming tonight and tomorrow! (Opening day is Wednesday)
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6 thoughts on “Winter in the Colorado Rockies while living in my RV”

  1. Do you have good resources that helped to prepare you and your rv for the winter. We want to use our trailer 1-2 times per week through the winter. We are thinking of having hookups but winterizing in between trips up there.

    Any thoughts are helpful, thank you

    • Kelli, have you reviewed the entire section of videos I prepared on my website for winter living? Those will help you. That said, I’m seeing severe challenges with your plan. If you plan to keep water running in your trailer all winter, you’ll need to follow the protocol I have used and detail in my videos. As to “winterizing” – if you mean that in the sense you’re going to drain all the water and replace with non-toxic anti-freeze weekly – thats a plan that will fail quickly as it is a lot of work and the liklihood of failure in the plumbing and water heater is high. If you’re going to be there weekly for a day or two, I’d keep the heat running as if you were there full time and do as I illustrate in my videos in preparation to live for the winter in the trailer.

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    • James,

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