RV Traveler Health Tips & Camper Maintenance Tips – A VITAL POST in our current times…

Maintaining YOUR health AND your camper’s health as you travel in these most challenging times…

Allow me to start this post with the following thought – I don’t “hold back” in this post, so if you’re easily triggered by reality and common sense, please STOP reading now and definitely do NOT watch my video (below) on this topic. This post will be UNlike all of my prior posts!! It may be the most important post I’ve ever written, and if the information saves just ONE person, I’ll know its all been worth the effort.

What I can say is what is in this post is backed up by independent (including government based) research and data. I also state that I am NOT a medical professional BUT, I am intelligent and well versed in reading scientific literature and research AND hold a Masters Degree in Science.

I am ALSO a BIG fan of FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE – and I’d like to see my country remain as such – though about 1/2 the states (7 in particular) have succumbed to (literally) totalitarian dictators.

THIS POST may take you a while to get through if you check the links to videos and pdf files I’ve included – BUT – I’d welcome hearing your thoughts in the comments section below – ESPECIALLY if you take the time to visit this supporting information and review the background info I share.

IF the above video fails to load, you can access it HERE.

Ok, that said, if you’re still with me – buckle up and read on…

Since March 2020, I’ve had two major objectives as an RV traveler: STAY HEALTHY and DON’T BREAK ANYTHING (thinking mostly about the camper.) Regarding “don’t break anything” – its simple, replacement parts and service technicians time for my RV camper are hard to come by. (Heard about Long Beach and our supply “challenges”??)

So… think before you do in your RV camper and consider all options when something in your camper fails. AND – consider getting some parts and supplies to have on-hand should something fail.

RV – camper parts worth keeping “on hand” these days…

A few parts that come to mind worth having on-hand are furnace parts (mother board, sail switch, limit switch); fridge parts (thermistor, mother board); water pump. All of these are (still) affordable and generally available. I heard a report a few days ago that DEF fluid will be in short supply! (Anyone with a recent diesel truck knows that without DEF fluid, your truck goes into “limp mode.”) Note – as of 12/14, I’m hearing MORE rumblings about this – GET READY.

And… (this is news as of the week of Dec 6, 2021) of course (yet ANOTHER accomplishment by the interloper in the White House) we now have the most inflation in 40 years (and frankly, its only just getting started.) Current inflation is about 20% (using the same metrics that existed under Carter & Reagan. The metrics were changed (under GW Bush in 1990) to make inflation look far more tame than it really is. The latest update on 12/14 – we’ve seen the MOST inflation in 1 year EVER, surprised?

Still with me? Now onto a frank discussion of your health as an RV traveler…

The most simple maxim – don’t get sick! Here’s my thoughts on the matter…

Travelers Prescription Tips

As a traveler, we face unique circumstances – if you require meds, be organized and keep them “in stock”. In my case, I use discount Rx services (like GoodRx the phone app) and as such, Krogers allowed me to “load up” on the two meds that I take regularly. Incidentally, I like using a nationwide pharmacy as their pharmacies allow me to get meds wherever I am (and they are!)

As a traveler, you are frequently entering unfamiliar areas and potentially needing medical support or assistance and not knowing any local doctors. Hence – STAY HEALTHY! You can’t control all aspects of your health, but with the right supplementation and preparation, you can go a long ways towards staying healthy.

A core Medishare health sharing benefit

As a member of “medishare” (Christian health sharing program), I use telemedicine whenever possible (its just one of their services), and they can write prescriptions on many of the most common meds people need. I’m sure medishare is NOT unique in offering telemed visits, if you don’t have it, either look into it (linked above) or find an alternate telemed service.

Now for the 800 pound gorilla on the planet…

Since the arrival of “the virus”, I have come to some startling awakenings…

My comments here are NOT intended to inflame or hurt anyone – BUT – I MUST be honest and true to my “being.” I’m going to share some things that some of you reading this will not like – but – if you approach with an open mind, and know that the information that follows are based in FACT, this info may just save your life…

Frankly, since March 2020, I have come to several conclusions – two follow immediately here:

  1. NEVER trust ANY U.S. Government “alphabet soup” agency (EVER AGAIN) – this includes the NIH, CDC, FDA… In fact, if they say “don’t do it” in their propaganda releases, the correct response is “DO IT” (Note: even though their advice has been terrible, much of their data is legit and can often be cited to make the points that I make below.)
  2. Avail yourself of MANY sources of information (but – don’t waste your time with “controlled media” (fake news) – eg – cnn, mslsd, the ny slimes, the washington compost, the major tv networks (all of them including fox), and most of what you find on youtube, twitter and facebook.

History is repeating itself across the globe…

Even though my passion (and college studies) are in the physical sciences, in recent decades I’ve become a student of history. MUCH of what we are seeing from #1 and 2 above resembles what the world saw in NAZI Germany in the 1930’s – except this time, the genocide is beginning to happen on an entirely greater scale – AND for those who LOOK for it, the TRUTH can be found (again – NOT in the controlled media.)

Frankly, todays world leaders (political and appointed) may make Hitler and his entire miscreant gang look like third string rookies. Note: the media hasn’t changed either! Notably, documents prove that the NY Slimes (Times) KNEW what was happening to the Jews in Germany in the early 40’s and DID NOT report on it!

Not as familiar as you SHOULD be with this dark period in our relatively recent history? I encourage you to begin your journey by reading “In the Garden of Beasts” by Eric Larson. This PHENOMENAL book was written by studying the journal entries of the U.S. Ambassador to Germany. A position he excitedly assumed in 1933 when he arrived in the new Chancellor’s (Hitler’s) Germany. As you read this landmark book, you will see first hand the atrocities committed by the NAZI’s and how the U.S. Ambassador’s attitude towards the NAZI regime changed 180 degrees over his time in Hitler’s Germany.

If you’re perceptive and openminded, you’ll see MANY parallels between that dark era and today. This is why, in the days of the “plandemic”, I’ve done LOTS of reading on important supplements to take (or have on-hand) and have strived to get into the best shape of my life. I have avoided almost all contact with medical centers for the past two years; as I noted earlier, most of my contact with medical professionals has been via telemedicine.

Because of growing supply shortages and increasing inflation (currently at about 20% again if you use the metrics used just a few administration’s ago), I have stocked up on certain supplements and drugs – some of which are completely shunned by #1 above, and frankly THIS to a great extent is why my health has been better than it has in 30+ years!

My sources of information? “Mostly fringe” or to be honest, medical practitioners who are NOT owned by big pharma and journalists who are truly independent.

Why am I “going there” on my RV travel site? Simple, there is now, as there was then, tremendous evil in the world – and those on “that side” believe that it is now “go” time to execute their plans – just look at what’s going on in Australia. Did you know about THESE EVENTS occurring in Australia as we speak?

As RV Travelers…

WE frankly have to protect ourselves and our loved ones. As travelers, we are in some ways particularly vulnerable; but we also have the ability to be more independent and nimble. As RV travelers, we enter communities where we are not known and where we don’t know whom to trust or rely upon. I myself may extend my winter stay in western Wyoming beyond the winter (I’m here to teach skiiing – IF we ever get enough snow!!) to retain continuity with what I believe is a solid community with lots of good souls.

Inconvenient Facts…

Unsafe for Human Consumption

In a recent interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, perhaps one of the most insightful and concerning interviews I’ve listened to to date, he details both the dangers of the bioweapon injection (the “jab”), and how to protect yourself both from those who received the injection and the virus.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, another well respected medical researcher (well at least he WAS), released an analysis and report that contains some VERY useful information. His ‘quick read’ summary is based upon (at least in part) the McCullough interview linked earlier in this paragraph. I strongly encourage you to review both – along with what follows… (this information is current as of Dec. 2021)

Don’t believe me, REALLY! – check governmental data for yourself. The FDA received a report (now being made public BY THE FDA) from Pfizer that shows 1200+ DEATHS in the first 90 days of the use of this BIOWEAPON INJECTION. There were also TENS OF THOUSANDS of injuries – again in the first 90 days.

Here is ONE source you can review this information (if it hasn’t been scrubbed by the pathetic censors on YouTube) – its from Chris Martenson – a man whom I have come to trust and believe over the past two years. Incidentally, Pfizer and the FDA wanted to DELAY the release of this information for (literally) 55+ years – but – thanks to a recent Judge’s ruling in early December 2021, he told them to pound sand and release the info. Chris’ video reports on just what was in the first 500 pages (out of 450,000 pages – all of which they (the FDA) supposedly reviewed in 108 days!)

I’ve had the time to study all this information…

You see, I’m fortunate… I’m at a stage of life and have the resources to be able to invest time into lots of reading and investigating – and again I have a solid background in the process of science. Thus as I encounter all this information, I can separate the wheat from the chaff.

So with the FDA’s release of these FACTS, and KNOWING that the kill rate for the fauci-china virus is near zero for almost all age groups – why would ANYONE take a “vaccine” or ANY “boosters?” And for those at risk – the KEY is EARLY TREATMENT. A fact that the 500 or so MD’s in this nation who are NOT “owned” by big pharma consistently endorse.

Even our oldest fellow countrymen have at most about a 5% risk of death from “the virus” and frankly with early treatment as detailed by many MD’s (including the front line doctors), virtually all sufferers from this virus (whatever it really is) can be treated (and effectively CURED) without ever reaching the “cytokine storm” stage where hospitalization becomes necessary.

AND again – I must emphasize – in my view it is CRIMINAL that healthy, younger people are being coerced (or worse) to get the bioweapon injection when it is DEFINITELY causing harm and death to some (many?) – FAR more than any prior vaccine in history! Again don’t believe me! Check the VAERS system for verification of this fact – to date there are over 19,000 reports of VACCINE DEATHS from this bioweapon AND according to a Harvard study, the VAERS system may UNDER report by as much as a factor of 100-fold. Take 19,000 deaths and multiply by 100 and THAT is how many MAY have died (to date) in our nation – NOT from the fauci-china virus, but from the bioweapon injection!!

More Inconvenient Facts

If you haven’t already guessed already, no, I’m NOT vaxxed and I will NEVER allow the kill shot to enter my body. Is “kill shot” too strong a term? I encourage you to review this…

Here is yet ANOTHER inconvenient truth – again – expressed by Chris Martenson, but again, his data is GOVERNMENT data and this information CAN be found elsewhere (well, NOT on cnn, mslsd, and other fake-news outlets!)

This report shows that there were virtually no “excess deaths” in 2020 – the year “the terrible covid” struck the world. In other words, about the SAME number of people died in 2020 as in 2019 and 2018. BUT – in 2021, with the introduction of the bioweapon injection, excess deaths are MUCH higher…ready for it? ready for it? IN THE PLACES WITH THE GREATEST “vaccine compliance.” Hmmmm….

This is why Dr. Zelenko, who personally saved THOUSANDS from “cuomo the butcher” in New York State told a Rabbinic council in Israel that the current Israeli leadership have caused a genocide of the Jewish people that will DWARF what Hitler ever dreamed of accomplishing. (Israel is HIGHLY vaccinated.) Incidentally, in addition to CURING over 5000 “covid victims” himself, he has treated Trump & Giuliani. Oh, and yes, he’s a fan of hydroxychloroquine (more on that later.)

There is much supporting evidence that shows the “vaccines” are harming people – especially YOUNG people – and the FDA/Pfizer data now CONFIRM it. So… if (for whatever reason) you elected to get “vaxxed”, PLEASE, NO BOOSTERS! Here is one site that talks about protocols for both the vaxxed and the “pure bloods” (unvaxxed) to consider. I will share my daily routine shortly in this article. There are many other reports of the untimely deaths of otherwise healthy young people. Pilot deaths, up 20-fold are one such “anomaly” for 2021 – and pilots are generally a group known to have no or very few co-morbidities.

Dr. Judy Mikovits – another independent medical professional whom I have developed the UTMOST respect for recently made a video that talks about potential approaches to undo the damage done by the bioweapon injection. Understand there is no antidote and a lot of what Dr. Judy talks about is the same routine I follow myself (read on.)

My personal routine – or how I managed to go 18 months without so much as getting a serious cold – and – my CHRONIC cough is milder than in (literally) 40 years…

It’s all about your immune system. Keep it supercharged and MOST illness’ will be mild or non-existent. Start with good rest, quality food, regular exercise and limit your exposure to chemical-laden products (everything from laundry detergents to deodorants to shampoos.)

After reviewing LOTS of information from MANY sources including a number of medical professionals who do not owe their souls to “the medical establishment”, I have settled in on a daily routine.

Incidentally, when I say “medical establishment”, please understand that most doctors since Obamacare (it really began under Clinton) are now tied to hospitals (instead of being independent practitioners) and the hospitals rely upon monies from the Federal Government (who is largely controlled by Big Pharma.) This is why drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin with LONG histories of SAFE and EFFECTIVE use have been prohibited in most of our hospitals, by many of our doctors, and even for those willing to prescribe these life saving meds, we now have pharmacists (illegally) stepping up and declining to fulfill their prescriptions! (ALL FACTS)

Here is a recent Mercola update that explains the challenges ongoing in the medical community.

RECENT UPDATE – I awoke this morning (12/13/21) to see this report offering just a glimpse of sanity from a public health official. The report is from Dr. Joseph Mercola and is regarding a recent announcement from the State of Florida Surgeon General. In brief, he comes out and supports much of my routine outlined below.

I wrote a post over a year ago about my routine at that time. Naturally, it has evolved – both in what I’m taking as I’ve learned more about the potentially effective supplements AND as I’ve found better quality producers of these products.

NAC – 1.5g/”dose” (optional to take twice per day) – N-Acetyl-Cystine is instrumental in helping the body to produce glutathione – a powerful antioxidant. The challenge with glutathione is to get it into the body in a way that we can absorb it. Originally, I was purchasing glutathione, but recent research shows that direct absorption of glutathione is poor so taking NAC produces far better results. Note: I prefer to buy 300 ct. capsules, I take 2 each morning and sometimes 2 in the evening.

Vitamin C – high quality, absorbable, typically 3g/day. I have searched extensively for great vitamin C products, in addition to the one linked here, I can also recommend this one, also on Amazon and this one at the Health Ranger Store. The Health Ranger Store is filled with products that are tested for purity, contain no glyphosate or other carcinogins.

Vitamin D3/K2 – note this combination is now being regarded as important. From my understanding it helps with absorption and prevents calcification of arteries from the D3. ALSO – I strongly encourage you get a D3 blood test to see what your current levels are (the test costs $65 or less and can be done by a labcorp facility (or similar.) The medical professionals I’m listening to (including John Campbell on YouTube) suggest 40-60 ng/mL. Other research shows that NO ONE with over 50 ng/mL levels has been hospitalized with “the virus.” There ARE some arguments for higher levels (my most recent test was 87) – and some suggest that high vitamin D levels can prevent certain forms of cancer. As always – do your own research and make your own decisions. I’m telling you what I’m doing – NOT offering medical advice. (Note: I’m again recommending the Health Ranger Store due to the purity of this product.) For myself, I use 5000 units/day now that we’re in winter.

Zinc – I like the formulation of zinc (the zinc compound you take does matter) in this product and the fact that its a tablet you can suck on to slowly absorb it. I do 1 tablet in the morning – and always with Quercetin (why? Quercetin helps us absorb the zinc.) This formulation gives you 35mg/day.

Quercetin – I personally do 2 300mg capsules daily. This supplement helps with the absorption of Zinc, so I take it with my Zinc tablet in the morning before breakfast. Quercetin is an ionophore that helps transport zinc cations (positively charged zinc atoms, which is their natural state in the body) across the plasma membrane. This acts to increase intracellular (within the cell) zinc concentrations, thus functioning as an anti-viral. It is a plant based compound with powerful anti-inflammatory effects itself.

Pulse Oximeter – EVERYONE should have one!! I check my blood O2 levels DAILY – I will KNOW if and when they begin to drop below acceptable levels. The weird thing about the fauci-china virus (at least the early versions of it), people had their blood oxygen drop to VERY low levels (70’s or lower) and still said they felt fine – or “not bad.” The pulse oximeter will enable you to objectively track this vital measurement at home (or carry it in your pocket everywhere.)

Ivermectin – With literally hundreds of studies and decades of use showing it is 1) SAFE and 2) EFFECTIVE Ivermectin is an antiviral, seems to have an impact both early & later in the viral disease’s progression, and may have other beneficial properties (do your research.)

You can even find POSITIVE findings about Ivermectin on the NIH website (not that the controlled media OR EVEN THE NIH will tell you this!) Here is just ONE such study – dating back to Dec 2020, which in terms of the fauci-china virus is a LIFETIME!

I have obtained a supply of this drug to use if and when needed. Here is ONE report showing the power of Ivermectin. There are many others, I’ve done my research. I’m not taking this currently, though some do prophylactically (to provide protection before getting sick.) I do have it “on hand” to ensure I can take it EARLY ON upon the onset of symptoms IF I do get sick. Note: I also have a 15 day supply of doxycycline (an antibiotic with some antiviral properties) ready to go in my camper should I need it.

Note: As our government grows increasingly fascistic (NOT an overstatement), the USPS with the FDA has taken it upon themselves to decide for YOU and I what we can order and have shipped to us. It is NOT illegal to order from a foreign pharmacy – yet they’re BLOCKING US from having it shipped! As a PATRIOT and a BIG fan of FREEDOM based upon the Constitution and Declaration, I’m infuriated by these actions.

Do NOT just “write this off” as IVM is a KEY to fighting these sar’s viruses – AND – IF you got the “jab”, YOU need it more than those of us who didn’t as YOUR BODY has become a spike producing machine.

Hydroxychloroquine – another long time, well proven drug. Here is what “they” don’t want you to know – Dr. Dan Wallace (read the article) has treated literally thousands of patients in the past 40+ years (rheumatoid arthritis and lupus patients) – many of whom take a full regimen of HCQ daily for YEARS. The results? NO serious side effects AND the big recent “side effect”… they seem to be “immune” to “the virus.” Hmmm…

Personally, I opted to take HCQ on a prophylactic basis starting in May 2020. I’ve had no side effects at all – and on 2 or 3 occasions since starting it, when I felt “something coming on”, I’d take an extra dose and viola – symptoms GONE within 12 hours!

budesonide – I learned about budesonide from Richard Bartlett, a West Texas Doctor (WAS highly regarded, now is disgraced by the controlled media…) who discovered this oral steroid (normally used by asthmatics) had a 100% cure rate. (Based upon this FACT, I certainly understand the media’s disdain for him!) I, myself have used this drug as I’ve had bouts with bronchitis and long term coughs. In fact, just yesterday (12/17), I started a new round with it (I may do 5-10 treatments) to quell a rapidly developing cough over the past 2 days.

REMEMBER – and I was reminded of this when I met a man today at the aquatic center who has survived the fauci-china virus, BUT, it literally kicked the shit out of him. His blood oxygen dropped to the 50’s and he had to be intubated – and was NOT expected to survive. Fortunately, because he’s in Wyoming, eventually he was able to get a shot of ivermectin and now he’s on the mend. He also told me he had friends who got sick at the same time as him, got the IVM shot early in the diseases progress, and viola – no serious illness stage. Imagine that!?

Additional supplements I’m using or considering…

Elderberry syrup, a new treatment that *may* stop replication in sar’s virus’ by 99% that involves diphenylhydramine (found in benadryl) and lactoferrin (found in milk and elsewhere), chlorine dioxide (rated as a poison by the government, so it made me want to try it even more!, gargling with iodine solution – to kill the virus in your mouth/throat before it ever gets to the chest – again – ALL of these are just for you to consider, I’m not a medical expert and I’m NOT telling you what to do!

Concluding thoughts…

If you’re still reading, you probably don’t hate me, and I thank you for that! I truly hope this information helps YOU. I encourage you to comment below, offering your candid thoughts, and please do subscribe to my newsletter.

Oh and one last and emerging issue – MORONIC… errr… OMICRON (they’re anagrams!) – early reports show that 80% of the cases (which are MOSTLY MILD are in the “vaccinated” – and governments are completely over-reacting. For example, NY State’s dictator has declared masks (which don’t work anyway) are now required indoors throughout the state (again.) Fortunately, in an INDEPENDENCE movement – one-third of NY state’s counties have stated they’re going to ignore that order. Thank God! More details on the emerging situation with this new variant HERE.

In a last minute inclusion into this post (its now 12/18 and I’m hoping to make this post go live later today or tomorrow!) – Mike Adams released a very potent and IMPORTANT audio HERE on 12/17, where he converts “CDC bullshit speak” into REAL news – and it will impact ALL of us. Listen to the first 24 minutes of his broadcast and you’ll understand why.

Ok, I’m done. Its Dec 15, I need to make a couple of quick videos – probably tomorrow morning and then get this posted. I truly look forward towards hearing YOUR THOUGHTS below.

My next posts will return to far less controversial topics and address internet connectivity in your camper; cell signal boosters, and more. Hey, if you enjoyed and gained from this, please consider joining my newsletter below – you’ll receive updates on new posts…

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18 thoughts on “RV Traveler Health Tips & Camper Maintenance Tips – A VITAL POST in our current times…”

  1. Insightful article, but what do you think the end game is of the bio-weapon? What is the purpose to inject and kill some younger people? Scenario testing for a bigger future event?

    • Since I haven’t tested them or seen objective measurements of what is being dropped, I can’t say for certain. That said – it seems to be a questionable program – if its legitimate, why does it exist, and why is it so secretive?

      If these are chemtrails, what is the agenda? Certainly, there seems to be MUCH more release of these “trails” than would otherwise naturally occur.

      Your thoughts on the issue?

  2. Very well written article. Can’t agree more with everything you stated. My wife and I have followed most of the same doctors you mentioned. As for the NIH, they actually recommended ivermectin as one of 3 drugs for Covid in Table 2e. But no media source will ever bring that up. Also, check out Dr Bryan Ardis show. Another real warrior in the fight against the evil in charge. His father in law was killed early in the pandemic and he has vowed to fight them with everything he has. My wife and I will never take the kill shot. And we follow a similar regiment. Keep up the good work!

    • Bill,

      Yes, I should have mentioned that IVM is approved by the FDA on 2e – I even told an (idiot) pharmacist about that and he was obstinate. But, yes, I have table 2e on my phone saved. I will check out Bryan Ardis. Sorry to learn of your father in law; Janice Dean’s parents were killed by Cuomo the butcher in NY. She’s been a tv meteorologist for decades (on nbc?) in NY; i’m looking into the benadryl/milk treatment I mentioned in my post – its a recent finding. Al

  3. Hi Al,

    I agree 100% Well said. We are not getting any clotshots and never will. We have already come across many of the links you put up which is great information. And verifiable. WeA now know more people who died of the shots than from covid. Many are getting covid after the shots…….BECAUSE THE SHOTS ARE GIVING THEM COVID!!!! Including a bunch of our family members sadly. More people need to wake up before this country starts looking like Australia. And make no mistake….they are working on that. Anyway, good luck with the skiing, and stay well.


    They screwed up our order, and we accidentally got 8 gallons of def. So were good there for a while. Lol

  4. Very wise words for sure sir. We are kindred spirits and fellow full timers. Texas is our home base. My wife is in the medical field as a traveler and supports everything you said. We tangle with many leftists in our travels. We would like very much to find out where to get the ivermectin. We were going to get the horse toothpaste (sarc), from tractor supply. But you are a wealth of knowledge. We have followed your channel for three years and love you travels.
    Thank you very much

    • Ray,

      The only real concern I have about the horse paste is the base is PEG (polyethylene glycol) which some folks are allergic to. One MD (it might have been mccullough) said he’s not a fan of it for that reason; BUT – when I looked deeper into it, PEG is the base on the “stuff” you have to drink gallons of during a colonoscopy prep – so – I doubt its that much of an issue. For the human stuff, I went to sevencells.com , they charge for the drug, and for 25. you get a consult (online questionnaire) with an MD to write the script. I did the same for doxycycline (not a bad idea to have some on hand); as an alternative, the front line doctors (https://covid19criticalcare.com/ivermectin-in-covid-19/) has a section on IVM and a list of MD’s who can write scripts by state. Be aware – not all pharmacies will fill the prescriptions (but that’s a story for another day – walmart is being sued for not fulfilling a legal MD’s prescription.) My understanding is they have no right to refuse to fill a prescription that is legitimately written by an MD.

  5. Great info, Alan. Thanks. My wife and I had zelenko protocol medications on hand and when we got covid a few weeks ago we started with the ivermectin and up the dosage of the zinc and continued with the quercetin etc. We also got the mono colonial antibodies and those really helped a lot. We live in Idaho and our doctor prescribed the antibody treatments with no problem. It’s a shame that this information is not being widely publicized as early intervention is the key to this thing. All they want to do is promote the vaccinations. Anyway thanks for the videos. I love watching your adventures and someday soon I’ll have a rooftop tent and we’ll do some overlanding since Idaho is such a great place for that sort of thing. Ed

  6. You are so very wrong & misinformed! I feel sorry for those who believe this foolishness an die from it! How many deaths will you be responsible for before you change your message! Your propaganda is just as bad as the Nazi treatment of the Jews! Or maybe you don’t believe that either! Shameful!

    • Ray,

      Thank you for your kind words. I’ll be sure to give them the attention they deserve. Have a great day! Oh, and if you actually read my post, its pretty DARN clear I have NO DOUBT about what Hitler did in NAZI Germany to the Jewish people. It was truly horrific, whats happening now is MORE horrific – including the deep state, corrupt Israeli government who are killing more Jews than Hitler ever dreamed of – I’d suggest you look into Zelenko’s video, but from the tone of your writing, I guess you’ll just be back to MSLSD and CNN when you’re done reading this.


  7. Love your email! You are right on we are following/doing what you are doing to stay healthy. We follow Dr. Mercola and most of the medical people in the know. We quit watching any news on TV and chose to pick and choose alternative news sources.
    Thank you for a great source of information.


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