RV Loans – The INSIDE Story, what YOU need to know before…

RV Loans – Securing the BEST deal… (Part 5 of a “How to” buy a RV Series”)

It’s fun to dream isn’t it? Many folks shop for RV’s, sometimes for years dreaming of the times they’ll have the lifestyle they’ll live. For many, turning that dream into reality requires a loan as RV’s (especially new RV’s) are a big ticket item.

Note: Following the suggestions in the following video and the information written here can help to save you THOUSANDS over the life of your RV loan.

RV loans are categorized as recreational loans. The significance of this designation is addressed in my video below… (after the video join me below the video as I share a few summary thoughts – and as always, feel free to add yours below using the reply feature on this page.)

Summary thoughts:

  • Lenders are looking to issue loans to people whom they believe will pay them back! 
  • The better your credit score and debt:income ratio, the less you’ll pay for your loan
  • Credit unions and banks each have advantages to borrow from
  • Recreational loans incur a higher rate than auto loans, but typically run for a longer term
  • Loan interest on RV’s is potentially tax deductible – know your situation and relevant tax laws before doing so!

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RV Loan Update (Dec 2017)

The FED has raised rates at least twice since I made this post. What this means to you is rates have gone up AND due to the number of folks who have extended their credit to the breaking point, lenders are being even more careful about giving out long term loans for RV purchases.

If you want an RV LOAN with the LONGEST term and LOWEST rate – be sure to have the best debt:income ratio you can present (that means PAY DOWN LOANS) and IF you have any “strikes” (collections, etc.) – be sure to get them resolved AND then check with each of the 3 credit reporting agencies (Experian, Trans Union, Equifax) BEFORE applying for your RV loan.

Lastly – if you’re looking for an RV and would like an expert guide by your side – our Concierge Buying Service may be for you.

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      Its an Amex card, please click on this link – http://rvAcrossAmerica.net/amex – it will take you to an American Express page for that card. There IS an annual fee, BUT, I’ve found I get back 7-8x the cost of the card in rebates – which can be directly applied to your monthly statement. Al


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