Considering An RV? – Prices Are Rising… Here’s the News (and it really IS breaking news)

I got notification today from one of the dealers I work with to help get my Concierge RV Buying Service clients great deals that as of July 1, Grand Design prices are rising – ready for this… 6.5 to 8% on MANY of their models!! Grand Design of course does not operate in a vacuum – if they’re going up, other RV manufacturers have recently OR will as well.

See video below for the skinny on what’s going on

In a world where lumber, housing, food and many other staples are rising RAPIDLY, this price increase is just one of several that have and will likely occur. I know for example, that Winnebago has had at least 3 significant price increases in the past year, and again, they represent a big chunk of the RV industry.

How will manufacturers raising the price of new campers (RV’s) affect the price of used RV’s?

My bet? At least as long as the “feeding frenzy” continues – used RV campers (of ALL types) will go up in price as well. I know from recent (very recent) conversations with “front line” sales personnel, there continues to be LOTS of buyers of RV’s and most dealers continue to have LIMITED inventory. Several have told me they only have 20-25% of the inventory now that they normally have on their lots.

Further, to get inventory, since many manufacturers are slow to produce new units, and dealers are getting few trade-ins (which they usually pay little for), they are resorting to going to auctions – and prices at the auctions are at levels never before seen. So, when a dealer is trying to get top dollar for that used camper, they may very well have paid too much for it themselves.

How long will this all continue?

Short answer: until it doesn’t! I tried making a prediction last year at this time and thought by Sept. 2020, we’d see a slowdown and return to normal… simply put, I was WRONG! Might we see a return to normalcy and more used campers offered for sale by THIS autumn? Perhaps, but with prices of new campers rising (and I fully do NOT expect prices to go down (perhaps EVER) on new campers) – this makes me tend to think that if used campers begin to decline in price, that decline will be very slow and gradual – barring a “black swan” type event.

So, its all I wanted to share with you this evening. I’m writing this on 6.24 just a few hours after I learned what is happening with Grand Design.

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4 thoughts on “Considering An RV? – Prices Are Rising… Here’s the News (and it really IS breaking news)”

  1. I had an RV dealer tell me today that Grand Design has gone up about 20% this year…guess he thought I fell off the turnip truck last nite.

    • Sarah,

      He’s likely not far off. GD Just had up to an 8% price hike and its not likely the 1st from this year. Fact is new camper prices are going through the roof. Perhaps more importantly, Grand Design may/may not be the best camper for your needs AND a NEW camper may really not be the best move. Feel free to call me – 307 269 2546 to discuss and know this is “what I do” if you wish to check here –

  2. We’re finding it difficult to get enough insurance coverage on our trailer. I know we could never replace it for what the insurance company says it’s worth, at least not in this market.


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