Mid-Autumn Visit to Grand Teton National Park

The First Snow Has Fallen on Grand Teton National Park – Just minutes north of where my RV and I are staying for the winter…

The road to Jenny Lake is closed, the National Park entry gates are unmanned, and the traffic is largely GONE! Is there anything to do here? Absolutely!

Walk – Hike – Cross Country Ski – Snowshoe – Photography all come to mind. In fact, in the video below, about 2/3rds of the way in, you’ll see the “end of the road” parking lot and whats available there. While there IS snow on the ground, the roads (most of the time) are fine and the fresh coating of a few inches of snow makes it look and feel like Christmas!

You can hike/cross country ski/snow shoe from where I parked at “the end of the road” to Jenny Lake (and frankly beyond) – and for now, that’s the ONLY way to get there! If you do this in the very near future, realize that grizzlies are still “out and about” and you should carry bear spray.

Traveling to Grand Teton by RV – Camper – Trailer?

Be prepared! The nights get COLD – the days are no slouch either! This morning (Nov. 13th) was the coldest yet at 2F just outside my camper and we’re struggling to approach even freezing this afternoon! BUT… if you’re prepared, you are REWARDED with cold, crisp, clear air; NO crowds; and an opportunity to visit this region when most have winterized their campers.

If you elect to travel here with your RV Camper, be sure you have full propane tanks – and ideally an extra tank or two. You can easily burn through a 30 pound (7 gallon) bottle (that’s the LARGER of the two sizes most campers have) in a couple of cold nights! And… remember, your goal is to keep the underbelly from freezing up (assuming you have water running through the plumbing and you haven’t winterized it with the “pink stuff.”) You should also consider some additional insulation on your windows (bubble wrap is my choice as it allows light through during the day.)

Me? I’m here for the winter – so, I’m a bit of a different case. I have posts here on RV Across America (.net) that detail how to live in a camper successfully all winter. I will likely be adding one soon for this winter with my latest plans and actions.

You’re just “passing through”? Here’s a few things to know…

There is no RV’ing in Grand Teton National Park in the winter. Yes, there is PLENTY of space to park, but I don’t believe they’ll let you overnight there – and even if they did, there’s NO power pedestal to connect to!

The RV Park at the Virginian in Jackson, Wy. – a prime location for summer stays has closed for the winter. So has the KOA a few miles south of Jackson. So… what are your options? You still have the Fireside Resort (Jackson Hole Campground) near Teton Village (electric only) and $59/night, or the Teton Valley Resort in Victor, Idaho (full hookups available) and I think the price is slightly more moderate than Fireside – BUT – you will have to cross Teton Pass to get through Jackson and then the 20 – 30 minutes up the road to Grand Teton National Park.

One more thought – ALWAYS have some flex in your travel schedule. MOST days feature safe, dry roads (though Teton Pass is not available for trailers to cross for the winter) – but – should a storm roll in, be prepared to ride it out and travel after road crews have had a chance to get the roads back into good shape.

Enjoying the Off Season here in Jackson, Wyoming while prepping for a GREAT ski season.

Until the ski areas open, my days are my own. I sleep in a little later (really just a little), I’m prepping my camper for a COLD winter (it will likely hit -30F several nights in January), serving my clients in my Concierge RV Buying and Selling and custom skirting services, and exploring the region (and playing with my dashcam to make some videos for you! If you want to see what dashcam I use, click HERE.

Grand Teton National Park – INSPIRING Photos (slide show)

I took these while on a short hike (I didn’t have bear spray on me so I didn’t venture too far!) from the “end of the road” parking lot. Enjoy!

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