A Dash Cam… Really?

So, I wanted a new “toy” – actually a tool that serves multiple purposes – check out the video below to see what I got…

Yep, something new to keep me occupied as I travel – and to protect me… just incase. I like the fact that you can record experiences during your travels, share (and make) memories with family by videoing you and your family in your vehicle and by recording the scenery as you drive along the countryside. And… I like the fact that I have a way of recording my travels should the unexpected happen – having a video record could be very important and save lots of trouble with police and insurance companies.

I chose the Koonlung C81 Dash Cam for several reasons – video quality, audio quality, quality of build, and ease of conversion between videoing inside the vehicle and use as a true dash cam. I was also impressed that this unit can accept 64gb micro-sd cards (some are still limited to 32gb – this affects the length of video recording before the card fills).

I found the setup of this dash cam to be fairly intuitive. I was able to set it up without reading the manual (which is just “ok”). I also like the fact that I can choose between 1, 5 and 10 minute recording segments. This means, if I want to create a video (like the one I created above), I can set it to 10 minutes and have plenty of time to chat and/or share the view!

Click here to learn more about the C81 dash cam

Remember – the camera does NOT come with a Micro SD card! I purchased a 64gb Samsung on Amazon, but you can also simply add one to your order with BlackBoxMyCar (the manufacturer of the C81 Dash Cam.)

Here is a good article on PERSONAL SAFETY while you travel – yep, a related topic!

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