Valuable Corona Virus Latest Info

This was sent to me by a friend on Facebook. I’ve been reading ALOT about the corona virus and this video contains some SIMPLE and ACTIONABLE information that I didn’t know. I believe it to be CREDIBLE.

I particularly found the info about drinking water interesting – at a minimum, many of us don’t drink enough water so, what they say in the video can’t cause harm.

As for me… I awoke to 16F and HEAVY SNOW this morning. The sun is now out, but temperatures are forecast (at best) to reach 32F today! It’s APRIL… getting TIRED of winter hanging on (more than it did in February!)

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4 thoughts on “Valuable Corona Virus Latest Info”

  1. I did read that the holding breath was false. But the water thing sounds logical. Thanks for posting in sunny FL. Waiting to be able to head to Maine for the summer to work. Still getting a small pay check here
    Jan đź––

    • Holding breath actually makes sense as you’re testing your ability to expand your lungs and hold the breath. I’ve personally spoken with people who’ve had the Wuhan virus and it hit their lungs and they describe unbelievable difficulty in trying to breathe AND pain when inhaling. Glad to hear you’ve got a small paycheck coming in. Al


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