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  1. Hello,
    We have a 2007 Forrest River Salem 27ft and have been living in it for 12 years. We have upgraded the air conditioner, water heater and about to do a few more upgrades. I checked on line what this trailer is worth today and was shocked at how expensive things are but to my advantage. However, finding a deal with either a sale of ours to compensate for another used one is quite difficult. We just missed an opportunity today. I looked on Craigs List and was amazed at the prices of such bad looking and old trailers that I knew finding one to upgrade would take me too long to do by myself. I would love to hear about your services and if you could help me out.

  2. We used the sell/buy service Al offers and it is well worth it. We would recommend it to anyone who is interested in either or both services. Thanks Al!

  3. Evening Alan.
    I’ve been following you from time to time over the past several years. I enjoy your travels and thoughts on the industry.
    That brings me to my question. I’m getting ready to get a new rv and I’m very interested in both Outdoors RV and Arctic Fox. They seem very similar in build and I want to be able to boondock. Do you have a preference between the 2(even though they’re built almost identically)? And do you think their TT would hold up well for full time living? I have a one ton dually but not sure I can afford the price of their 5er. Thanks.

    • Scott,

      You may be aware that I’m living in an ORV 5th wheel full time – so, YES, they’re going to hold up well with FT living. I prefer ORV over AF only because of the interiors which are commonly regarded as nicer. The market as you may be aware is turning – and if you’re interested in my Concierge Buying Service (, I will work with you to select the right model and negotiate to get you the best price on a camper. I’ve spent the past few days speaking with dealers to get the latest pulse on the rv market, and I now believe I know where things are at – and perhaps where we’re heading.


  4. Hello Alan,
    My wife and I are wanting to upgrade from our pop-up to a “hard-sided” trailer and I am wanting to know your thoughts on the Coleman Lantern LT series. I’m considering the 17-19 footer with bunks. I have mostly tent-camped all my life, but since marrying my wife, I need to get into what I call a “not-so-rough” way of camping and I am new to the Camper Trailer market. I want to keep a small budget because we’ll only use it 4 or 5 times a year. I appreciate your advice.

    • Emilio,

      I like your idea to move to a hard shell camper; the Coleman is most definitely NOT the answer. Coleman brings good quality to mind when you think about stoves & lanterns – BUT – the Coleman CAMPER has NOTHING to do with THAT coleman!! I would AVOID them at all cost. I encourage you to contact me (307 269 2546 – Mountain time) and I will be glad to discuss FAR better options for the same $$ as the coleman. You can also see what I do at Thanks, Al

  5. There’s a potential that my family and I are moving for a job again and are considering go to RV full time. We have two small kids and are wondering the best way to go about selecting an RV and this G4S along those lines.


    • Casey,

      I have some ideas but need to learn more. How can we best talk? I can be reached at 307 269 2546 (central time), but I have a weak cell signal where I live at this time. I often make calls when I’m in town – if you’d like, email me privately ( OR text me at the above number with your number and I’ll call you on my next visit to town (which will be later today.) I’m also going to reply via another email to ensure you receive this.


  6. We’re looking at buying A new Vanleigh either a Beacon or Vilano…for full time living….the new RK floor plan. Besides the paint, what are the differences between the Beacon and Vilano?

  7. Hi Alan,
    We currently just use our RV part time as we have a Park Model in CO and a small home in TX.
    My question is we have a 2018 285RLS Baja Edition Jayco trailer and owe around 20K on it. Are we that far upside down. I know your opinion of Jayco and I feel the same but my wife loved the couples floorplan.
    Would now be a good time to sell.
    I would like to get into an Outdoor RV or Arctic Fox small fifthwheel.

    • Bob,

      Thanks for reaching out. I’m assuming you have a Jay Flight SLX “tin sided” camper (285RLSW) as I share values with you. If you sell the camper yourself, you *might* command 20k or close to it. The time to sell WAS 1-3 months ago, BUT, there’s still a bunch of buyers, although its slowing every week as we move into autumn. I can certainly help you with the sale of your Jayco and then the subsequent purchase of an ORV (or AF). My service is detailed here – – feel free to call me to discuss further (307 269 2546). If you go to a dealer, despite the numbers they’ll show you, they’re actually valuing your jayco at about $12k.



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