Walden Colorado and Granite Corner RV Park

Recently I spent a few days in Walden, Colorado. After spending the summer in Steamboat Lake, some of the locals wondered why. After spending time there, I’ll tell you why!

Granite Corner RV Park (reviews posted here) was my “base camp” during my stay in Walden and Jackson County. As noted in my video, be sure to check out the National Wildlife Refuge; fishing at the local lakes; Teller / Park City and much more! 

Bottom line… this is a very sparsely populated region. The people are friendly and accommodating; the history at the Pioneer Museum is very much worth the visit, and you can even have a seat at the ice cream parlor on Main St. and watch the time pass as you relax! 

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5 thoughts on “Walden Colorado and Granite Corner RV Park”

  1. Shhhh! My family homesteaded 13 miles west of Walden in 1880. We like to keep this fantastic place our little secret! Glad you were able to enjoy our slice of heaven, but let’s keep it out secret!😉
    Seriously though, just discovered your site and YouTube videos. My wife and I are thinking of going full time starting in 2020. But after plowing snow for thirty years, we’re heading south for winters. We’ve been RV ‘ing for a couple decades, but really appreciate the advice from a knowledgeable full timer.

    • Thanks for your kind words and for reaching out. If you need assistance when you begin your prepping for full timing, feel free to contact me. Al

  2. Thanks for the Youtube videos. I’m just planning my RV lifestyle and your winter info was great. Keep up the good work, and I’ll watch for more of your stuff.


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