Beachfront in Brookings – Sun and Warmth on the Oregon Coast

Condensing a 6+ Hour Journey From Portland to Brookings into 15 minutes

Enjoy (and GREAT music as well!)

The Oregon Coast

Beachfront RV Park in Brookings

Yep, it happened! After 5 months in McCall Idaho with the warmest temperature being 50F, I reached the Oregon coast (the “shore”?!) to experience sunshine and near 70F in LATE MARCH! The water was even warm enough to sit on the beach and let the rising and falling waters reach up to my ankles. I even saw kids playing in the water (up to about waist height), clearly not tuned into the chilly 53F water temperature.

Picture this: You’re so close to the waters edge, you hear the sound of crashing waves as you fall asleep! Waves that are literally LESS THAN 100 ft (perhaps even 50 ft) from your RV!!

Enjoy the pics below. Some were taken with my NEW Canon EOS Rebel SLR! (Mostly the sunset shots). The pics are all taken at the Brookings Oregon Beach and nearby. Some were taken last evening – at or near sunset, others this morning. Note the beach fires that start up just after sunset, the rocks in the water (a bit different from the Jersey shore – where I grew up!)

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Incidentally… to get here from Portland, I drove I-5 south to Curtain, then took 38 West to 101 South. I *may* add some additional video footage (collected by my dash cam) to share a few of the routes highlights… but for now, the sun is too nice to continue working inside! 

Note: Use the LEFT “karat” to slide the slide show to see the sun set (puts the slides in correct time order)

Finally, KUDOS to Brookings Harbor RV who repaired my propane hose (replaced) and repaired my skirting (correctly – in contrast to my own work!) so I’m now “good to go” and continue my journey in a few days (after more beach and SUN!)

UPDATE 4.1.16… Photos from Brookings to Gold Beach (enjoy!)

These photos were taken on March 31. Some show the coastal fog rolling in during the late afternoon – also made for a spectacular sunset! You’ll also see a VERY tame squirrel!! (use the LEFT karat to see the slide show in time sequence)

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6 thoughts on “Beachfront in Brookings – Sun and Warmth on the Oregon Coast”

  1. Hey Alan , have been watching you for a good while now, really like your site, lots of good info and photos. I’am a 67yr widowed male seeking to buy a rv trailer , not high dollar, seems every one I like the customer reviews are terrible, what is your reco. on a 16-20foot trailer. Thanks if you can make a recommendation. Oh and won’t travel in the cold much like you, haven’t skied in 40 yrs.
    Keep up the good work
    and thanks again

    • Hello Chuck, realize a 16-20 ft trailer is a bit small to live in, but that said, if you are comfortable with that size, if you were at my store, I’d recommend a Jayco “jay flight” 195. It sells new for well under $20,000., is quite light and is well made for what it is. A FAR better but more expensive option is the Creekside 20FQ. The actual length (bumper to hitch) is 24’7″. This is an Outdoors RV trailer and is an entirely different level from the Jayco or any of the other trailers you’ll find out there. If it is not too long, I’d recommend it highly. It will price in the mid-high 20’s most likely – depending upon how it is outfitted.

      You will find Jayco dealers all over, but Outdoors RV is something you’ll only find from Casper, Wy (where my store is located) to the west coast. They have no dealers farther east.

      Oh, and thanks for your kind words!

  2. We have stayed here frequently and love the spot right on the water’s edge. Love your sunset pictures! Thanks for sharing. We will be in Bandon in 2 weeks and can hardly wait!


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