Stories of Extreme Cold in an RV and preparation for Christmas…

Allow me to begin by wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! 

It has been a busy time here in Steamboat Springs this December. As of today, December 19, I have enjoyed, I mean THOROUGHLY enjoyed about 20 days on the ski slopes (and trees) to date! The weather in recent days has been actually quite mild…this mornings temperature was actually NEAR freezing – a great contrast to a few days ago when morning lows were nearing -35F! 

I have a few thoughts to share in this brief video including thriving in extreme cold in an RV, life in Steamboat, and a few heartfelt thoughts. Be sure to read below the video for more great info and photos!

The photos below tell a greater story of how I have prepared. Outside of my refrigerator “crashing” when it dropped to -35F on two consecutive mornings earlier this month, I have had zero issues to attend to this winter in the RV. Of course, this allows me to focus on the fun stuff going on. Tomorrow night is Steamboat’s grand opening of night skiing. As part of ski school, we kick it off with a torchlight parade down the mountain – the trail illuminated only by our torches! (And followed by an all you can eat western bbq!)

I also want to take a moment and highlight a couple of companies I mentioned in my video…

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 Ok, now on to my latest photos – read the captions below each photo for “tips and tricks” to prep for extreme cold. My earlier post also has photos detailing what I did BEFORE the snow fell! 



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