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Can this be your "travelin' home AND your way to earn income from anywhere?
Can this be your “travelin’ home AND your way to earn income from anywhere?

A PRIMER for those who are “on the road” and wish to maintain an income – OR – for those who wish to generate income from a “sticks and bricks” home as well…

No this is NOT a sales pitch – we ALL know how much we enjoy those! My intent here is to inform, prompt thought, and perhaps advise. Watch my video – then read on for additional thoughts and details.

Lets face it… we live at a time where these times have created uncertainty – along with amazing potential and frankly to those who think “out of the box” – its exciting!

I hope through my first video in this series I was able to provide a few “starting” ideas. My 2nd video will go into the “800 Pound Gorilla” in the “work from anywhere” world. Recapping here are a few ideas to ponder…

  • handyman/RV Repair – a basic set of tools could be sufficient here; no one expects you to be stocked like Camping World, and thanks to Amazon, you can get almost anything you need in 2 days to even the most remote locations
  • computer tech/repair – most folks just need the “junk” cleaned up; viruses removed**; good anti virus software installed and MSConfig set up so that nothing runs unless it needs to be running
  • create something! can you sew? make quilts? sweaters? hats? the world is waiting for YOU to show your creativity!
  • BONUS Suggestion: This came to me after creating the video – ever heard of “fiverr” or “gigbucks” (google ’em)- take a look at ’em. You can offer “gigs” for a few $ and work online through them. Example: If you can write, you can do “copy-writing” on a “per job” basis.

** When it comes to anti-virus software, I personally use and recommend “Webroot” → Protect your mobile, PC and Mac devices and SAVE $50 off with Webroot SecureAnywhere complete!

A note on “work-camping” – I’ve done it on the volunteer level. Last summer I was at Steamboat Lake in Colorado and served as a camp host. This summer, I will be in Idaho and serve as a “nature guide” and “star party astronomer” (I do have a background in science – earth science in particular.) These have been UNPAID volunteer positions. From what I can see, I prefer this to being paid at a campground. The paid employees work MUCH harder and longer. For me, I’d rather enjoy the state/national park experience and not have a full time job (working for them). I believe there are MUCH better options – perhaps I have detailed one earlier in this post – or perhaps I will hit on one in my next video, which will serve as “Part 2” of this post.

Care to “sound off” – got something to say (perhaps something YOU do to “earn on the road”) or contribute? Use the “leave a reply” area below to speak and be heard!

PART 2 IS HERE!! (read on…)

Wow. Thats all I can say is “wow”.

Just finished 3 days with Russell Brunson and some incredible training. Now I see why he is as successful as he is (at a very young age) – and as a small business owner, employs a team of other motivated folks who earn their living through the profits generated by his company. AND… I will share with you (soon) what Russell said to me that made me almost fall over.
Why this is relevant to you and I will become apparent down the road a bit – for now, I want to address…
The 800 pound gorilla

Watch my video, then read on for further commentary…


As I see it, network marketing has grown significantly in recent years – both in the number of companies that use this business model and in the number of people engaging with it. I believe growth has occurred as a result of a few factors:

  • a weak economy leads people to look “elsewhere” for ways to earn income
  • communication on a global scale is now a reality – so, growing a network marketing “business” (and I use quotes here VERY intentionally) can readily involve people that extend beyond your own nations borders

BUT with growth – comes “issues”. As noted in my video, most folks who engage in an MLM venture, never earn anything of significance – although if they follow the advice of their company’s training, they MAY land in the “NFL” – other wise known as “no friends left” crowd!

The “Sniff Test”

MANY (if not MOST) network marketing programs simply do NOT stand up to the “sniff test” when you look at them as a real business. To me, that means the product must be something there is a demand for AND able to COMPETE in the open market (refer to my video for clarification of this point.)

Let’s not forget, the worse the economy gets, the more “rats” seem to crawl out of the wood-work with the latest “get rich quick” nonsense.

Is there ANY legitimacy?

The “holy grail” in the “MLM” industry centers about two things – residual income and leverage. Residual income is earned essentially from recurring sales – the argument is do something once and reap the rewards for that (sales) action over and over. Cereal is a great example of a product that provides residual income for your local grocer. He knows if you eat cereal for breakfast as a routine and like one of the brands he carries, you’ll be in periodically to purchase that product over and over – with profit earned each time you do – and the grocer or manufacturer only had to sell you once on the purchase of that particular cereal.

Leverage is something I liken to earning a “finders fee”. John introduces Sally who then introduces Cheryl, each of whom is buying product from “the company”. John receives a small over-ride on all business Sally is responsible for generating (including her own purchases) as ongoing compensation for John’s efforts to introduce Sally to “the company” and through her, Cheryl.

Again, this works ONLY IF the product is of high value – and people WANT the stuff! I like to use the term “best in class” when describing a high value product. AND, yes, there are a FEW, well, at least ONE that meets this criteria.

BUT, here is the key: IF John is able to do two more important tasks – and THAT my friends is the subject of Video 3 in this series. Yes, I decided to add another video as well, I’ve got more to say!

To expand upon a few more things I mentioned in video #2 –

Concierge medicine – here is a report on this very topic

Before I go there, allow me to let a little air out of a couple more concepts that keep getting “pitched” to me…

1) gold MLM’s (and silver) – the key failing with these programs is they can’t sell you what you really want (and need) – bullion coins. Feel free to contact me if you want me to expand upon my perspective with this. I have done quite a bit of research on gold and silver and will gladly share – including who I recommend and do business with – and no, its NOT a gold “MLM”!

2) discount purchase programs (ie – get stuff at “wholesale” prices – and – make money while doing it) – people have to realize that there is a “bottom line”. Years ago, when I was in the audio business, I learned that a stereo sold at $200. would cost us $120. (perhaps $110 if the manufacturers rep was running a promotion or we bought in bulk). We tended to stick to products where you could get the “full mark-up” and avoided those sold by the (evil) discounters. Now this was YEARS before the Internet.

Once Amazon came about, and now that they sell nearly everything (note – NEARLY), at near cost, what possible earthly good is a discount program?? I don’t care how many “rewards” are earned, you can’t buy for LESS than “dealer cost”! In other words, there IS a bottom line that things can not be sold under – and if it is a product offered by Amazon, they come about as close to that price as one can… so, what additional value does a “discount purchase program” offer? If you’re saying “none”, we are on the same page!

As noted in my video, contact me if you want to know what I’m comfortable “fits” in today’s environment in light of all I’ve shared here.

Wrapping up “earn income from ANYWHERE”… for now –

Allow me to mention one more area where you CAN earn “income from anywhere” that I have not yet addressed – “affiliate marketing”. I will address this business model in an upcoming video as well.

Just a reminder – easiest way to connect… Skype (alan.sills) or at the end of the video, use the built in option to set a time to meet.


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  2. Hi Alan.

    Enjoying your videos. I am also contemplating the RV lifestyle but i have a few years till my son is done school so I have the time now to plan.

    I’m interested in what you do to earn income online while living in an RV. I’d like to start something like that now to provide not only for my RV but to take over from my day job and give me my time freedom back.

    If you have any advice just let me know.



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